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New bike prices

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by lui, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Is it correct to say there's not much wiggle room in new bike prices as oppose to new cars? I'm talking about current model, 2012 plated bikes (I realise it's only January, but thinking about later on).

    Few hundred bucks may be? If at all? Or better luck to push for discounted accessories?

  2. what bike are u looking at this time Luigi? you've already got a great bike.
  3. Varies bike to bike.

    Got a reasonable deal on my previous bike and BMW were pretty happy to drop their pants on the F800r, but this new Striple I'm looking at I'm not getting what I would call a decent discount. But that's pretty normal.

    Accessories, I've not had much luck with the bike sales guys discounting but ring the spare parts guys and they're often happy to do a deal on a few bit and pieces (or buy online).
  4. Thanks! I've been looking at another Triumph, it's on the agenda since last year. I think I'm not good enough of a rider for the Speed, sometimes I think I just wanted to look cool but far from riding her the way it was intended.

    I want a more relaxed, less powerful bike, at least that's how I put it to the missus :)
  5. I guess it depends how much they want your business?
  6. incorrect.
    very negotiable. no different an approach to buying a new car.
    of course they will tell you anything over the phone, to get you in the door.
    and in the end Peter Stevens will do the best price. they won't let anyone undercut them.
  7. If there is a high demand for a bike you wont be getting much of a discount. Low demand will give a high discount.
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  8. ^ what he said
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    Makes sense :)
  10. Great thread, I too was wondering as to how much leeway there generally is in new bike prices given that prices over here tend to be outrageously high compared to other markets..

    For instance how much can I negotiate on the list price of a fully loaded BMW R1200R or a Ducati Streetfighter S? The former is normally listed for around ~ $23,000 while the latter at around ~ $31,000 (my eyes have started to water!).

    I believe I didn't get a good deal on my first bike - a CB400A (ended up paying almost full RRP plus on roads :() - that I got last year since I wanted it bad and there's only one dealer down here in Canberra.

    Anyway, wouldn't let that happen to myself again.. So, I'm looking forward to buying my second bike once I'm off my P's in about 11 months time, but any help from new bike buyers on negotiating techniques etc. will greatly be appreciated.

  11. Cant you ride to Sydney, Plenty of bike shops there,

    VFR 1200 arent selling that well, try one of those,
  12. I could, but I think if you buy from a particular dealer, they would look after your bike when you get it serviced there. I could buy from Sydney but I'm not so sure if I'll get the level of service if I bought locally from a local dealer. I might be wrong though.

    As for VFR1200, being Honda one cannot go wrong with it I'm damn sure, but then faired bikes dont entice me much :)

    On a side note, I had been a fan of the Duc GT1000 for so long but after seeing it in the flesh I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the bike in general. To be really honest my CB400 has a MUCH better fit and finish than the GT1000. I hope they really take this into consideration if/when they release a successor to the GT1000 (perhaps liquid cooled with a wet clutch). I'd love to have the single seat version (monoposto)!
  13. Ducati you won't get a discount on. Maybe $100 in gear or something insignificant like that. Apparently the policy is set by Ducati and well in importer is also the biggest seller here so pretty much a monopoly on an overprised (but damn good looking) bike.

    This is just what I encountered and was told when I was looking - hoping to be proved wrong though.