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New Bike Prices In Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gdb, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. Hello All

    I have just sold my old bike and are thinking of buying a new bike however are not sure what to get - the prices below are the best I have found in Melbourne so far - if any one knows of better prices or has opinions on the bikes listed please feel free to comment - thanks in advance.

    05 ZX6R $14,500 - ride away.
    05 GSXR 750 $15,000 - ride away.
    02 Ducati 748 $16,000 - plus stamp duty.

    I only ride on weekends and are looking to keep the bike for 2-3 years - I want something with some level of comfort and are not pretending to be the fastest or best rider on the road - an occasional track day would be forseable.

    Regards Glen
  2. Very few bikes will outclass a gsxr750 on the road or track. Perfect weekender. However go ride them all all see which one you enjoyed the most then buy it. They are all within a few $$$ of eachother, and none are a bad deal.
  3. Out of the 3 bikes u have listed the gsxr750 is easily the best bike. If I had the opportunity 2 upgrade I'd be getting that 1. But I have 2 take into account the misses as that is the only problem with the gsxr, to much lean forward 4 her. So in 2 weeks or so we'll b going out 2 look at a Triumph ST, or VFR, or blackbird. We'll c.

    But ride them & c what u like.
  4. Go the Twin. Inline 4's are boring....

    Trust me I know :)
  5. I've ridden both, inline 4 (Suzuki Across), V-Twin Firestorm. The twin is definately better!
  6. Hey Glen

    Where can you get a 05 zx6r for $14500 on road mate?


  7. Mornington Kawasaki are selling them for $14,500 ride away - they might do better for two if you are interested - I havent made up my mind what to get yet but the ZX6R is towards the top of the list.
  8. Cool thanks for that. I will prolly be looking at it in a couple of weeks time but I won't do anything before contacting you first to see where you're at.


  9. No problems - i will keep you posted - if you find a better deal let me know

    Regards Glen
  10. Hey Glen

    I'm still undecided. Mornington want $15000 on road for the zx6r and floyd-parkes kawasaki want $14,680. I was well impressed by FP's premises in ferntree gully road. Anyway, I need to sell my 929 blade first which is posted on ebay at the moment and I will take it from there. I couldn't send you a pm because i'm a newby and it is forbidden. :)

    Let me know how you get along.

  11. Hello Damo

    I ended up buying a black 03 ZX6R - although not as nice as the new model the price differance was to big to go past it - I am really happy with the bike however need to get the suspension reworked to suit my weight as it is far to stiff - The best price i had on a new ZX6R was from mornigton kawasaki and it was $14,500 ride away. - Good luck

    Regards Glen