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New Bike Price

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aste9974, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Is it possible to buy a new motorbike for under $2500 in Australia?

    P.S it has to be learner approved for NSW.

  2. maybe one of the little new Chinese jobs
    quick search on Bikepoint turned up Bollini, Kymco, and CF Moto.
    Of course don't forget to allow plenty of bugs bunny for gear:blah:
  3. honda lead scooter is about that new. good around the city
  4. Is bikepoint the most common online bike sales site?

    Does it have new, used, or both?

    Am I going to die if I buy a Chinese motorcycle?
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    You're going to die regardless of what you do. Life's a terminal disease.

    The real question is after a horrific ownership experience with a Chinese jalopy, will you want to (a) blow your own brains out; (b) go to China and liquidate the board of directors of the company that built said Chinese jalopy (instructional video found w3TPmiAnkAs[/media]]here); or (c) both?
  6. Seems to be, it always has plenty of examples of most models, found mine on there, and use it when I am researchig(dreaming)

    Only of embarrassment - but seriously, they are cheap, but they won't hold their value, and I dare say, almost disposable. Use the same $2.5 K, buy a used jap, sell in 2 years for $2.3 k (actual results may vary).

    So if you are desperate for new - buy Chinese, you might get lucky, and have a ripper
  7. As asked earlier , is this 2500 inc riding gear ?
    Even the most basic helmet/Gloves and jacket is going to set you back around 1000, have you allowed for this ?
  8. Friend of mine has a CF moto bought about 4 months ago.

    Went for a spin on it the other night... its um, different from anything i've ever ridden included my old Sachs 150 in that i feel like i'm sitting on it rather than riding it...

    But i had just been riding my own bike hard which may have compounded the feeling.

    Other than that, it seemed fine, has all the gear, but has very very prominent vibrations, like really prominent. Single cylinder + chinese = vibratey.

    Would be a perfect first bike. Think he picked it up for $2600 with a helmet?

    I had a sachs as mentioned before. Was just fine. PLENTY of character :p
  9. Not necessarily...

    RJays Apex helmet, plain colour $99.
    RJays Supra 2 glove $39-95
    Rjays Highway boot $149.95
    RJays Swift jacket $169.95
    Hornee Kevlar type jeans $169

    Total of a little under $600.

    Those are regular MCAS prices, specials are cheaper again.
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  10. Has everyone forgotten about the CT110?

    Go to an auction and can pick em up for $1200ish if your lucky.
  11. i have a 2007 hyosung GT250R for sale ...i'll sell it to you for $2500. Its korean not chinese \\:D/

    the bike is in excellent condition, sporty look for a newbie, learner legal, 12 months rego, road worthy & its been thru all the gripes those bikes had back in 2007 (been running awesome since 2008 when it ran out of warranty....touch wood). i love it. when it was new it was one of the cheapest brand new bikes you could get (brand new in 2007 for $5k)
  12. If you do buy a Chineese bike don't venture to far from the dealer.

    If it breaks down you may have trouble finding someone prepared to work on it.
  13. Aldi helmet - $69
    Aldi Jacket - $99
    Aldi Jeans - $69
    Aldi Gloves - $29.99
    Rjays Highway boot $149.95

    Total $416.94 :D Use the remaining $2083.06 to buy the best GPX250 you can find. http://www.aldi.com.au/au/html/offers/offers_20110811.htm?WT.z_src=main
  14. that v-retro bike, get it!
  15. Sorry I already bought a Kymco CK 125...
  16. So you're new to riding I'm guessing...

    Why not save up for something a bit more... better?

    If you're going to do something, might as well do it right ;)
  17. Too late for that now...

    Once I get off LAMS I will buy a faster bike for sure.