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New bike pics :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yian, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Originally put these in the monthly photo comp thingo. But since it was taken via a pro camera (and set up by him.. I just kinda aimed and clicked), I decided to put them up here instead :grin:




    Never knew my Hornet could look this good. Mate does a lot of photography for car clubs etc etc but mine was the first bike he basically set up to photograph.
  2. Very nice. :)

    It looks like your friend was using a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge softbox as the only light - but for my own curiosity, could you ask your friend what he used for lighting?
  3. wow great photo's

    should of cleaned and polished your header pipes :wink:
  4. It'll make one helluva "for sale" pic. :LOL:
  5. :applause:
    Great Pics!
  6. He was only using a tiny softbox. This was taken in a massive warehouse with the lights switched off at midnight. The only light was from the softbox probably the size of a helmet box.

    definitely should have cleaned it up more.. it'd have looked like a Honda brochure pic then :grin:
  7. Clarence takes a good photo aye!

    Was that taken on Saturday night by any chance? I was spewing i couldn't come, as i wanted some pics of the R1 done by him.

    He should really organise a NR photo shoot night!

    Back on topic..... Nice bike, love the nakeds!! the 600 hornets are fun.
  8. is that it reflected in the mirrors ?. and yeah nice pics
  9. Yea Clarence told me to pop down so we can take photos of my bike. And he does take a good photo. Took photos of the engagement ring I gave the missus. Made that look a lot nicer than it actually was also :wink:

    He does want to take more photos of bikes; he just wanted to trial on mine to see how they turn out. If peeps are interested I could ask him.
  10. Hmm. Just seems like a bigger lightsource due to the very-soft edges, is all. :) But that works.

    Off-camera flash can make for some interesting effects. Haven't really tried much of that with the Tiger, so far.

    OldBellHelmet: I'd say so, yes.
  11. would you mind askign him if I coudl e-mail him directly with some questiosn about the set-up as i'm a novice photographer with a real interest in getting these types of captures.
  12. Yea no worries. Will ask him :)
  13. :shock:
    AWESOME Shots mate !!!!!!
  14. Thanks Vinnie :grin: Pretty much identical to yours heh heh.
  15. :grin: yep, just remove 350cc and it's spot-on :LOL:
  16. PM sent mate.