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New bike parking meters

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Just to show how forward thinking the Sydney City Council is, it is rumoured(I only say rumoured as I haven't seen them myself) that there are new ticket parking machines going up in some of the bike parking in the city. That's right! The areas that used to be free are now divided and just like with the cars you have to pay for your little 1/2 square metre of the pavement. So in Melbourne bikes have no tolls and can park on the footpath, while in Sydney, we not only get tolled 4 times what we should be, but now have to pay for parking indesignated motorcycle parking bays!

    Have I stated recently that I F%$^ING HATE THIS CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. so gegvasco.........when are you moving down....

    got the spur (both of 'em)
    GOR (and inland Otways twisties)
    and the best coffee nights in Aus (so I've heard) :grin:
  3. Canberra.

    Be close to your Defence buddies :).
  4. Thats crap, IMO they should allow parking on footpaths in NSW
  5. Come to Queensland....

    ....ummm...still trying to think of a reason :oops:
  6. Been there, done that, never again.
  7. Hopefully Adelaide in July. No guarantees yet though. Definitely gone by the end of the year.
  8. [​IMG]

    . . . . . . just tell me when Gregg !

  9. Update from the MCC....$1.10 per hour!
  10. Do they have the parking rule in Sydney where if the meter is Out of Order only the time limit applies?

  11. your kidding right ????

    I think Iemma should be getting some mail !
  12. You missed a couple:
    - 103km/h in a 100km/h zone = $125
    - $62 TAC tax per bike (in addition to the $400 or so you normally pay)
    - point-to-point speed cameras
    - an amazing amount of retarded drivers, and cops who don't care :p
  13. If this photo proves one thing....I've got the physique for it! :LOL: I need to get flying again!!!!
  14. I second the motion and move to explosives.
  15. double post...
  16. could always buy paddle pop ice cream, finish it and stick the coin slot.
    call the company/council up and say it doesnt work/ wont accept money.
    They give you a number and if you happen to recieve a fine quote that number.
    In theory that works, I've never tried it.

    Move to Melbourne, thats what I've done. And thats why I dont want to come back to sydney.
  17. You Sydney riders seem to be getting the pointy end of the stick. They'll probably start booking riders for not wearing a seatbelt next, 'cause clearly they've got no idea that bikes aren't cars.
  18. Don't give the c****s any ideas mate!

    Honestly, this state is fcuking rooted. If anybody here, anybody at all, is going to vote for the state government I will personally come around and try and convince you otherwise. They've cocked up every single conceivable thing they lay their hands on.

    Phew. Deep breath.

    There's merit in the sabotaging the coinslot idea. I've done it before, tended to work.
  19. Damn right there and this shit about "I've only been premier for 18 months" , what a f%^&ing cop out.

    We aren't sure about how the Liberals will view motorcycle issues, but two MCC members(me and one other bloke) will be writing to all the candidates sending them an MCC issues brief and a questionnaire to canvas their views on our issues, with a view to disseminating the responses to the clubs. That should give people some idea of what their local candidates have to say about motorbikes as it certainly won't be brought up in normal campaigning.
  20. Bloody good idea mate.

    If you need a hand, just ask.

    I'm going to do anything I can to get these lying, conniving bastards out of government. I don't care who anyone votes for, as long as it's not Labor.