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New bike owner. Never had a vehicle. Question on Rego and CTP Greenslips.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AnotherDayAnotherDollar, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Okay so I have never had a car or license before. I have been saving for a while and bought a motorcycle yesterday brand new. The dealer registered it for me and such. I don't know about greenslips and all that.
    I read that you can't get registration until you have a CTP greenslip. If this is so, how could the dealer go ahead and register it for me?
    Am I suppose to do it now while the registration is in process (the dealer said 1-2 days)? Or was I suppose to get the green slip first and give it to the dealer? Or does the dealer do it all for me as part of the registration?

  2. Things work a little bit differently when you're looking at a brand new vehicle.

    It is true that you need a CTP policy for every registration term (though this doesn't apply to concessional registrations), and for an ordinary renewal you would need to contact one of the seven CTP insurers and take out a policy before you can renew your registration.

    Motor dealers generally have a credit account set up with the CTP insurer of their choice (more often than not it's Allianz for cars or GIO for motorcycles), and they organise a CTP for your vehicle before they register it for the first time on your behalf. You don't need to worry about setting up your own CTP insurance, as this charge is included in your on road costs. You have, of course, always got the option of choosing your own insurer should you choose, but most are happy to go with the insurer their dealer chose for them.

    If you want to know who your CTP insurer is, and you want to obtain a copy of the policy documentation, you can contact the RTA with your registration plate number and they can advise you who your insurer is.
  3. Thanks heaps. I figured they would have mentioned it to me if I needed to do it but since they didn't, I assumed they take care of it.
  4. Providing the OP is from NSW that is, otherwise contact your appropriate registration authority.

    The dealer should give you a copy of all paperwork regarding the registration with your purchase....
  5. NSW is the only state which refers to its CTP structure as "greenslips"....... due to the colour historically used for these policy's paperwork.
  6. Whilst NSW may be the only state to refer to CTP as "greenslips", all states have a form of CTP in there registration.
    It is included in registration, or paid for seperate in some states.
  7. I'm well aware of this.
    However, the OP referred to "Greenslips" in his thread title and again three times in the body of his thread. I gave an answer pertinent to the registration and CTP scheme in NSW, based on the fact that clearly, he was in NSW.
    Why would you answer a question about NSW registrations with information from South Australia?