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New bike opinions zx9r02-03 gsxr750 01-04 cbr919-954rr 00-02

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by camo, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. New on here, great site!
    im going to be after a bike for the coming spring/summer

    narrowed it down to these 3 bikes,
    not after a litre bike as itll be my first real road bike
    been riding bush for a few years on a ktm 2t also motarded up the bike last summer but got a lil pointless for a decent ride
    not after a 600 as im 100kgs and i want a bike that can cruise on the freeways effortlessly.
    Really keen on the zx9r models as the riding pos is pretty comfortable (e model 2002-2003)
    havent been on the cbr954 or a gsxr750
    sorta after a 2000-2002 there abouts cbr or 2001-2004 gsxr750 they all seem to be simular power cbr n gsxr are fuel injected and the zx9 seems to weight 180kgs where the other 2 are around 166 i think
    just wondering peoples opinions on these 3 bikes in the perticular years ive stated
    dont want a bike like the r1 thatll punish my wrists which have been broken/injuired in the past.
    not going to be used as a comuter just for weekend rides (day/night),visiting people or a blast around town etc
    gunna spend 7500-9000$

    also thought about a vtwin but none really intrest me that much
  2. Cant go wrong with a zx9 it will do all the stuff with ease,and with a bit of negotiation you will get a good one with low ks for $7-8 :grin:
  3. Previous bike was a 2003 GSXR750 - they changed in 2004 to the narrow headlight, 01-03's (fat headlight) tend to be fairly cheap and some can be fairly well looked after. Just a case of finding the right one.

    You'd want to ride one, they have a fairly fat tank (as does a ZX9), and some people love the riding position, and some don't. I loved it, was a great bike. Timing retard eliminator and going down a tooth on the front sprocket made it a very, very nice street bike. Apart from a pipe & Ventura rack, mine was stock.

    I'd have kept the 750, but I found I was commuting more and more on it up here in Canberra and it just wasn't fun for that, but it was perfect fun on proper riding roads. Had I remained in Tassie, where all the bike did was go around corners, yeah, I woulda kept it.

    I bought mine new, and tested both the 954 FireBlade and the ZX9. Preferred the 750 (obviously, since I bought one), so that's pretty much my opinion

    Riding position of all three bikes you've listed are actually fairly similar, I wouldn't say one punished my wrists or anything more than the other.

    Should be able to find examples of each of the bikes you've listed in your price range - I let my 750 go for just above $10k in April last year - there were a few listed at, say, $11k, but realistically, an 03 would be no more than $9k if buying privately.
  4. the 919 although a good bike only has a 16 inch front wheel making tyre choice difficult

    IIRC the 929 was the first injected bike

    ZX9 is still carbs but kwakas have good carbs and good on fuel
  5. Re: New bike opinions zx9r02-03 gsxr750 01-04 cbr919-954rr 0


    You're kidding yourself if you think the 3 you've picked ride any differently!

    I owned a CBR954 for a year or so, it was painful on anything over 100 km trips. The 954 is a fast bike, not so great for long trips. The CBR929 (first fuel injected blade) is a lot better for day to day riding, and can be had for pretty cheap these days

    The GSX-R750 was virtually unchanged in the years 2001-2003. The 2004/5 model is far better in my opinion if the budget can stretch that far (radial brakes, many engine part changes), but not much wrong with the earlier bikes.

    The ZX9 is a great all round bike, you won't notice the weight difference over the other two. Unlike the other 2 bikes you're considering, I wouldn't classify the Kwaka as a full sports bike, it's much better for longer distances. It sacrifices some top end to have better midrange torque, which is probably more useful everywhere but on a track.

    All of these 3 bikes weigh over 180 kg dry, take no notice of published figures, they're baloney.

    Grab a ride on each from a dealer and see what you think.
  6. cheers supa some good advise

    sorry about the name dupe :)

    but yea i know a 900 aint much off a litre bike but the litre bikes are 170-180hp? im sure theres a difference between 140hp and 180hp
    dont plan on riding like a nut ill keep that to the bush on the ktm where rules/laws dont seem to exist also value my licence as i drive for a living and most of all my life
    1 thing ive seen on this site that is abit of an eye openener is the offs people seem to have even yesturday ive read about someone on here being injuired makes me more aperahensive about getting a roadie but also if i do to be even more careful.
    hell i sold my 10second dragcar last year as it wasent getting much use no more after getting into bikes.
    been on the roads for a living 8 hrs a day for the last few years i see way too many stupid drivers, really has tought me to drive defencevly (spelling) not like i used too, and im sure this will help me survive on the roads with a bike

    so 2004 gsxr750s would be a much better bike? than the 01-03,, how are they for long rides.
    prob get 1 for around the 10k mark,
    found a 2002 low km cbr954 for 7500$ looks immac
    also a 2002 gsxr750 with 3000kms for around the 8500price
    seems to be some bargains out there
    the 9s seem to be from 8-10k asif id pay 10k thou

    but yeah ill have to test ride each one and see what i like but thats hard because im sure theyll all seem like the bee's knees coming off a dirtbike
  7. Biggest plus for the 2004 (and 2005) 750s are the brakes, they aren't great on the 00-03 models. Set of pads, braided lines, some good fluid usually makes them feel good, stock they're very wooden and not particularly confidence-inspiring. Other than that, they lost 3kg, gained 3hp (by revving another 500rpm), torque moved slightly up the rev range, and changed styling.

    If you can stretch to it, sure, get an 04, but you probably wouldn't be disappointed (coming from a dirt-squirter) with an 00-03.
  8. Don't stress to much about the rider down posts, we have a lot of learners here at netrider (Because it's a prety good & Helpfull crew so a good place to start) So we do have a disproportionate number of Rider downs.
  9. Tried the CBR before I bought my 2002 ZX9R. Really was no contest, in the end. The CBR had great top-end, but was too out of control for my limited experience at the time. The 9, on the other hand, was fantastic - gutsy and smooth throughout the rev-range, and comfy to boot.

    Did over 30,000km of scratching, commuting and a couple of track days on my 9R, and it did them all with ease. I can highly recommend them as a fantastic all-rounder. IMO the others you're looking at aren't in the race. ;)

    Mine is also up for sale, if you're interested. Very well looked after, as I'm an everyday rider. She will be listed @ $8200 when I get around to it, but open to offers. I think I'm holding off listing it because I love her too much. :(
  10. thanks for all ya advise

    toneq pm me ya email or something and ill check out ya nine, has some damage from what ive read on ya old listing? been checking out a few of em latley
    i nearly bought i believe camkawa's zx9r a year ago small world eh noticed he was on this site since ive joined.
    was at a couple bike shops today and 1 said to take out the 02 9 they had there for a good hour or so and get a feel for the bike, now just to find a k4 750 to test ride as well.