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New bike once unrestricted

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GekuL, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    Starting to think about what i should upgrade to once I'm off my P's.
    I have decided to go 600cc as opposed to going straight to 1000cc+
    So far um tossing up between:
    07' CBR600RR
    05 -10' YZF-R6
    10' ZX-6R

    Basically just looking for recommendations so i can start researching. I'm also open to bikes not on this list and anything up to a 750 capacity. (got a whole year for research and saving:cool::cool:)

  2. My only recommendation is that when u have your license u ride some 600cc bikes as well as some 1000cc bikes. Only then might u understand why I recommend u buy a 1000cc bike as the extra torque they have makes them so much easier to ride. Less changing gears, no dead spots , no need to rev the hell out of them etc
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  3. MV Agusta F3 675cc. Go for gold.Don't settle for second best.....
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  4. Mate this is the best time - you get to go and perve at all the bikes in the shop, and then go ride a whole bunch of them. Happy days! Then you'll be in a better position to decide...might just find something you absolutely love over everything else.
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  5. No bias there ;)

    *69SIM wishes he had one*
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  6. Or just cut the difference and pick something in-between, a gsxr750 doesn't seem to out of place on your list.
    You just get lazy on a 1000 and are resisting actually letting it cruise where it wants to.... somewhere north of 160km/h :)

    The Agusta looks great however the mob can't make a seat to save themselves.
  7. Thinking more the 600 because of commuting only really go for decent rides on the weekends.
    Augusta looks nice but a bit north of the price I'm budgeting for.:(
  8. The various 'Rs' are lovely bikes, but not immensely well suited to commuting. It might be worth broadening your focus to some of the nakeds.
  9. Those 3 you have mentioned are all very similar in character, and are all gonna feel crazy quick coming off your LAMs. So just go for the one you think is the prettiest