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New bike on the cards, but all of a sudden I am torn....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rented, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Yo guys.

    This is one of those problems that really you'd love to have, and is one of those problems many have faced!

    I have finally got a bit of dough to drop on a new bike. It was gonna be the new Blade, as I wanted something sporty, good quality, but it doesn't have to be nuts. It's a partial head decision. It's odd though, Ducati (Except the 1000 Sport, looks retro), Yamaha (except the R6 a bit), Suzuki, Kawasaki, nothing in their ranges really makes me fizz at all, and Honda are generally considered the most beige. RSV4 (V4!!) and S1000RR though, I do like.

    Well, now I'm just about ready to go do it, the other, not much smaller head is starting to yell 'But Wait! The Blade, it talks to you a bit, but not like one of these!'

    And I look at a Rocket III Roadster (not quite ready for a cruiser yet but this will be it when it comes), or a 675R (I'm 6'2" and I can see it being comfy...for about half an hour....) and it talks. If there was a VTR1000SP2 available up in Darwin, well I'd buy it today. They just make me weak at the knees. I saw some dude on a Speed Triple today too....something with Triumphs.....

    I mean a Blade does talk, a little....and it's quite sensible as far as litre-bikes go....I'm in two minds! Help!

    Oh yah PS: The minister for war expects pillion. Secondary consideration :D
  2. You can forget the 'Blade then :LOL:
  3. I say ride the rocket 3. You may just find that it is right for you.
  4. Screw it, get the rsv4. They sound horn
  5. Yeah....I just checked, no dealer in the NT :(
  6. You need to check out the thread about Quo's new ride and that should answer it for you. Also check out the second race at Phillip island of the world superbikes to see biaggi smash past everyone like they were standing still.
  7. If the VTR gives you wood, maybe a TLR???
    Mmmm, I love my tillr
  8. Test ride them, all of them.

    Personally I bought a blade and I fvcking love it! Fantastic bike!

    Having said that, if I had the cash to drop on a RSV4 or the BMW I would've done that instead.
  9. BMW. Brings Me Wood
  10. Get the RSV - I'll gladly deliver it to you.
  11. mmm FJR1300
  12. There is truth in that statement. The Honda dealer is also the BMW dealer. I might go have a look at both :)
  13. No, you must RIDE the farkn things.
  14. It is not so easy up here mate, there's three shops up here representing probably ten different marques. Demo bikes aren't so common and certainly aren't on everything. They need to enough money from sales to justify getting the demo.

    I need to go have a look to find out about the BMW, they've only just got the dealership. I know they have no Blade demo.
  15. If you want to pass everyone in a straight line and not worry too much about the twisty's you dont have any of in darwin anyway.... rocket3.
  16. How do you know?
  17. Little brother has a rocket 3.
    I used to live in Darwin.
    A while ago tho so the gubbermint May have built some twisty roads.. Apart from the race track..
  18. I don't have any problem finding corners during the commute with some slight detours, and if you ride out to the national park, it's very twisty. The Arnhem Hwy is more like high speed sweepers which would be awesome for cruisers. I used to love the national park road when I was younger with a Mazda 121 full of people - it handled like shit, but it was fun!

    I know what you're saying mate, a lot of the roads are pretty straight but to say there is no corners is wrong.
  19. I rode an 09 blade recently, I thought I'd love it but it was boring as batshit. How can something be so powerful yet soo dull at the same time? My 600rr was exactly the same when it was stock.

    I have a good feeling about the S1000RR, I'm hanging for someone to throw me the keys to one.