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New bike, No oil??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Al Bundy, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. So.... I just bought a 1999 CBR250RR and just rode it home (about 1.5 hours)...
    I was a bit worried at first but it ended up being ok...

    My question is, i checked the oil when i got home(didnt check it before i took it stupidly) and the stick seemed to be no wetter in one place then any other, it had a small clear liquid film all over it. is this normal? it seems to run fine, and supposedly had barely been ridden since it got serviced and only has 14500kms on it..

    Im a bit worried about this so any advice would be great..
    Should i just wait till moring and check it then?

    Thanks for any help..

    And other then this worry(i hope im worrying about nothing) the bike seems to be great :) im very happy with it :) it has a few scratches but seems to run great
  2. im not 100% sure but i dont think its good to check the oil just after a long ride. when i picked my bike up yesterday they told me for a accurate oil check i should have the bike cold, start it up just to warm it up a little, he told me to keep it running while i have a smoke, then turn it off, unscrew the dip stick, wipe it, then put the dip stick back in with out screwing it down.

    woo that was a bit longer than i thought it would be. but yeah thats what i was told yesterday, but could be different for every bike.

    EIDT: forgot to say congrats on the new bike :)
  3. If the oil was just changed and it wasn't ridden much it might just be hard to see because it's so clean (The clean oil won't be clear but it'll look close to it especially on a small grey dipstick).

    Just make sure you stand the bike up straight when you check the oil ( I just sit on it)
  4. i was tld to keep mine on the side stand :s

    but yeah every bike is different i guess.
  5. thanks alot guys for the replys, i was freaking out a bit... this makes me feel a lot better:):)
  6. al (great name by the way), if you rode the bike for 1.5 hours with no oil in it you would definately know as your fairings started to melt from the heat and your engine siezed.

    if it got you home it will have oil in it.

    just make sure the level is correct.
  7. I take it CBR's dont have a glass bowl to see the actual level of the oil. You should be able to see the oil if you look down the hole. Just check it again in the morning anyway.
  8. Let the bike sit for a while before checking the oil. Wipe dipstick with a cloth, then check oil level. A dry dipstick makes it a lit easier to tell oil level when teh oil is fresh.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. I checked the oil again this morning, and it was at a good level, just hard to see lastnight and i was worrying about nothing:)

    Thanks for the help everyone :)