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New bike no easy start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by EarthMan, Jun 10, 2012.

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    I've checked other threads and found no answer. Would appreciate some input pls.

    Got myself a brand new motorbike (Bollini Speed 200) from Action/ Parramatta as a learner bike. From day one I had problems with starting it in the mornings. I tried 1/4, 1/2 and full open choke but seems the chock has no effect what so ever. The bike eventually start with a bit of throttle rolling but I need to keep the revs up using the throttle till warm. The choke cable is not lose and the works just fine.

    I took it to the service department and they just increased the idle rev but that didn't help. I then noticed some morning fuel leaks about 30 ml even when the bike is not used for a couple of days. So I took it to be looked at and they ordered and replaced the whole carburetor. The guy who installed it noticed the choke STILL has no effect. The service manager told be he will get some expert advise from the importer of the bike. I am still awaiting answer from them. This whole issue is ruining my riding experience.

    Anyone here can shed some light on this issue.

    Much appreciated thank you.

  2. How much time and money have you thrown at this motorbiccie so far?
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    Zero dollars spent as it is still under warranty. But frustrating as I have to commute several times and wait a couple of hours each time.
  4. get it fixed, sell it, buy a Honda CB250 second hand.
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  5. get rid of the bike!! would be good to get your money back on the lemon law, either way, as above, get a real bike..
    You said you raid threads on here? I am sure alot of reaction 'like this' would have been found on threads about bikes like this
  6. ^ as above - sorry to hear about your first foray into motorcycling....

    But dude! Why on earth did you buy this bike? Even a crapped out Hyo would've been a better choice.

    Get the dealer to DOA it with their supplier and buy something which will give you an enjoyable motorcycling experience, not a stressful one.
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    Guys and Gals

    Threads I've read earlier where of so called "real" bikes and they have similar probs although none had a carburetor changed with prob still remaining thus my thread. I understand it is a Chinese bike and most of you wouldn't even glance at it let alone ride or buy it. I just wanted I bike to learn on for the next 15 months before I buy a "real" bike. I didn't go for a used "real" bike because I am new to riding and I could have a much worst lemon. A brand new bike I thought should cover me from a lemon purchase for the duration of warranty period Chinese or otherwise.

    The bike looks nice, zippy and maneuvers well and that's what I wanted for a learner bike.

    NOW, back to the real issue at hand please. Any one has other ideas of what could have caused the choke unresponsivness even when the carburetor has been replaced Ideas pls. Thank you again.
  8. Is it possible to place your hand over the air intake?
    A choke simply reduces the air intake into air filter/ carby
    So you may be able to improvise,
    Not ideal but ....
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    Yes, poor chinese quality control and shit components.
    You need to take it back to Action and get it fixed under warranty.
    No good asking us.
  10. Warranty issues aside...( its new, under warranty, so let the stealer earn his keep )

    What type of carb is it ?

    more specifically is the choke a simple air restricting butterfly, or is it a fuel enrichment circuit type ?

    This then leads on to the next question,

    is the choke ineffective because the air / fuel mixture, even with the choke on, remains too lean, or is it 'flooding' the engine ie. 'wetting' the plug, because the A/F mixture with the choke on is too rich ?

    Understanding what is happening is the answer to the problem....differing carb and choke setups will require different adjustments to solve the problem.
  11. Set fire to it, claim insurance.
  12. Thank you mike8863,

    Appreciate your input. It is most likely an air restricting carby. Will be taking it to the service department when the rain stops. (yea I don't ride in the rain)

    For the others who suggested I sell it or set it to fire, thanks but no thanks. Being new to this netrider forum I was hoping for some encouragement not prejudice against certain types of bikes.
  13. But you don't have a bike - you accidentally bought a sewing machine in disguise
  14. That is just because you are new to Netrider. Expectations change.:grin:

    Seriously - take it bake and make them show you what to do. When I had my Madass, it was a bit fiddly sometimes - especially in the NZ winter, to the point I would just clutch start it.

    It is annoying, and I would consider trading it if you can't get it sorted lest it puts you of motorcycling.
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    Thanks, in the last two mornings I have experimented with the choke and noticed there is sweet spot when a choke would respond with no throttle. This morning it was colder so I had to open just a little bit more. So what I ave learnt so far is full choke open will not start it no matter what. It will take me a few more days before I can master a good choke start.

  16. Either, you're insulting me personally (I doubt), make fun of everyone who has a Chinese bike (I doubt), ridiculing anyone riding less than 250cc including all the scooter riders around this forum (I doubt) or just tried to be funny, I just don't see the joke. :nopity:

    One day my little glorified sewing machine will grow up to be an Aprilia like yours. (joke)

    BTW, I will one day start to appreciate real bikers jokes and take it with my chin up.
  17. ^ Well played....

    Welcome to NR (y)

    Good luck with sorting out the gremlins
  18. haha

    @OP good luck with your bike mate, hopefully the dealer sorts out the issues you're having, and it all works out.

    my first bike was a piece of shit too, 1989 suzuki gn250, but it was cheap and got me where i needed to go.. barely.

    i just wish i had looked past the price and went for something that was a bit more reliable.
  19. As others have said [MENTION=38059]EarthMan[/MENTION] get the dealer to show you their start technique and sort out any issues, it is the benefit of buying through a dealer and you have protection under the law of varying degrees in each state. Post back again with your results.

    To the other posters it may be worth noting Chinese bikes were the largest import into Australia of all manufacturers by country last year. Many of those are off road or scooters but we will start to see a variety of different bikes and it would help if collectively we start to get an idea of the particular problems each version has.
  20. starting issues are hard

    i had to crank up my idle speed and wait until warmed up from riding to turn it down.
    -Jetting was the problem

    -carb may need cleaning
    -try draining the fuel out of the carb before starting

    Has the bike run at all???? the mechanics should be able to work it

    hard starts and no idle can also indicate valve wear/ tightness