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New bike! Ninja 650RL :)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Maccarossi, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Finally got my first bike today from Brighton Kawasaki, love it! As you can see from the ODO it really needs some riding so as soon as i post this I am going to see if i can hit 100kms today :)


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  2. few More pics

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  3. NINJA ! , **** yeah!
  4. Nice, you finally got it!

    Have fun ;)
  5. Noice :))
    Chuck dirt wheels on it and come trail riding with me and my mate lol
  6. Looks great man.....keep us posted how it settles in (gearbox, engine etc) - I think I will get the unrestricted ER-6N in a month or two.....same engine --> transmission etc - just naked!

    Good work on the new toy!

    Be safe mate =D
  7. nice work macca, as you know i got the same bike 3 weeks ago, best thing ever huh. i love how it handles, easy, and plenty of power for a learner. nice to see someone else has the same logic as me LOL
  8. :dance: nice colour too
  9. Nice XR6 in the driveway too!!!

    De-restricting the 650's is a piece of cake too.

    Good stuff!
  10. Congrats! Awesome color too!!

    Ride Safe!
  11. a learner filtered ahead of me a few days ago and made it to the front of the intersection, rain and dark.
    my bike is kinda fat. it's got a **** load of power and torque. did'nt help me out a whole lot then and there though haha. he was gone, never caught up to him.

    he was on one of those ninja 6fiddys.. they're narrow, the bars are very narrow. and fairly light and sit you perfectly for low speed manouvering. plus adequate power is easilly accesible with the twin. plus they're dirt cheap to buy, own and maintain. and they come in black.
    it's the perfect commuter incarnate. i think they are the ultimate weapon in traffic.

    it will be my next bike.
  12. Nice bike but the blue one is much better.

    Cause that's what I have ....
  13. yeh they only make the 2011 in black or burnt orange, no green or blues. still would have black though LOL
  14. I've just ordered the naked version full power....ER-6N

    Will be a weapon for my daily commute....can't wait =D