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New Bike & New Shed.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Geoff3DMN, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. I checked out a few new bikes a couple of months ago, not unlimited budget so I was looking for a not so exxy big bike.

    Hornet 900 - nice but I wanted some weather protection.
    SV1000S - too lent over riding position.
    SV1000 - ok but no weather protection.
    DL1000 - Bit tall for a short arse like me.

    I ended up ordering a new K6 Bandit 1200 and it finally arrived and I picked it up this week, it took me a couple of days to post because I was checking the bike out :grin:

    No it's not the most sporting of the lot, in fact it's probably the most touring orientated of the lot. But that's ok because most of the riding I do these days is longer trips and comfortable riding position and good wind protection and plenty of low down grunt are good for touring, which means the bike is what I was looking for.

    I've ordered a Ventura rack and bag and a set of heated grips (icicle next year might be a bit easier), plus a yoshimura muffler because it's just too quiet and innofensive for a bike called a Bandit :wink:

    This is actually my second bandit I bought a 1996 model new 10 years ago (in a very similar colour) and I christened that one Doolan.

    Doolan you say? Well you see there is this old folk song which starts off like this -:

    There was a wild Colonial Boy,
    Jack Doolan was his name,
    Of poor but honest parents,
    He was born in Castlemaine.
    He was his father's only hope
    His mother's pride and joy,
    And dearly did his parents love
    The Wild Colonial Boy.

    Now the wild colonial boy was a bushranger, a Bandit you see... and he was from Castlemaine.

    I live in Castlemaine, and so did my bike... the Bandit so my first Bandit was christened 'Doolan'.

    I can't see myself calling this bike anything other than 'Doolan the 2nd' :LOL:

    Along with the fact that we've recently shifted from one side of town to the other side we managed to find a nice shed (with a house attached) for the bikes.

    Some pics of my new baby (and her new living quarters) can be found here...


  2. Hehehehehehe good work dude :grin:
  3. Very Slick!

    And thats one hell of a Bike shed!!
  4. Well, not all of those bikes in the shed are mine :)

    The Diversion closest to shot was but was traded on the new Bandit so it's gone now. The sidecar is, but it's being restored so it's still in NSW rego. The Guzzi is mine.

    The Blue GPX250 belongs to my better half.

    The XT250 trail bike and the little chinese 110cc trail bike are the kids trail bikes.

    But yeah it felt good lining them all up LOL
  5. nice!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  6. :shock:

    You could hold the grand final in that shed, Geoff!!

    {Nice bike too, I've always liked the looks of the 1200 Bandit, very different and very classy, and doubly so in that maroon colour.}
  7. When I saw the house I fell in love with the shed :LOL:

    It didn't hurt that the better half loved the house too though :wink:

    Although being a Carlton supporter it'll be a _long_ time before I see a grand final anywhere let alone in my shed Hornet :?
  8. i have a bf with a '99 bandit1200 who will be sooooo jealous of your shiny new machine :)

    may you and doolan bring eachother great happiness and have many glorious years of domestic bliss together :grin: :shock:
  9. wow, nice looking bike!!
    I'm very jealous of your shed too.
  10. Thanks carri & edgelett :)
  11. Nice line up.
  12. Read a comparo review recently in a bike mag comparing the bandit vs the new yamaha fz1

    All reviewers said that the bandit was much better due to its stonking torquey engine.......congrats bud!
  13. Yes, I read that.. I must admit the review surprised me a bit.

    Not that the Bandit tested well, but that the FZ1 was so flawed. Not really good enough for a new design that's near the top of the Japanese naked bike price pyramid...