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new bike, new rider @#$$%%#

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by madass, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Ok apart from not taking the advice on here I bought a Sachs KN150. It was the only option for me getting a new bike which I thought would be hassle free. This has not been the case and is really fcuking with my head.

    Problem: When I first got the bike it started fine, ran fine, changing gears was not an issue. Now about a month into owning it, it is stalling in the mornings when I change into 3rd gear. It feels like de ja vu every morning. Then just when I think it is ok and she eventually kicks over again and rides well for a few minutes, If I change down gear she stalls, engine stops and I have to pull over and wait again. I need help wtf is wrong? ( asides from being a kn etc, ty )
  2. Dude, if you bought it new, it's probably going to be a warranty fix. Take it back to the shop.
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  4. The "runs and stops until we wait for a while" syndrome is typical of a fuel blockage.

    Remove the fuel line from the carb and see how quickly the fuel runs out of it. If it just dribbles out you have a blockage.

    Sometimes there is a strainer on the bolt which connects the fuel line to the carb. It could be blocked here or at the tap itself.

    All the best

    Trevor G
  5. While Trev's advice is sound, Why bother?? It's a new bike and should be fixed under warranty. If OP plays with it it may void warranty.

    Best leave it alone. Take it back to the shop and get them to fix it mate.
  6. +1 Some one shouda told you about the hassle of buyin a new bike
  7. Are you riding with the choke on???