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New Bike, New Perspective

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GekuL, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Hi all.

    So i got my first bike about 6 weeks ago (2008 CB400) and i have to say my outlook on commuting around town and even traveling a few 100k's has changed dramatically. Before the CB i would walk outside hop in my car a drive almost autonomously, and driving a few 100 clicks there was always a nagging in my brain about fuel costs and the boredom after about 15 mins of driving.

    Now i walk outside and a little bubble of excitement starts up as soon as i lay eyes on the CB. Admittedly the first 2-3 days of riding i was a bit sloppy getting used to riding but i found that melts away surprisingly quickly. enough so that i took it on holiday with the family (trailer'd it up with the brothers bike) to Sussex inlet and did a lot of riding around the area. By the time i had to think about heading home i had already decided i was going to ride it back to Wagga Wagga (about 450kms).

    i recommend riding Kings Highway (Batemans Bay to Braidwood) to anyone new to riding, couldn't fault it (apart from the roadworks) even had another biker stop to see if i was OK when i had stopped to call the fam to let them know i was OK.:joyful::joyful:
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  2. a 2008 CB400! The best bike!
  3. Welcome GekuLGekuL, had that same year CB400 as my first bike, rode from Sydney to Byron, didn't plan on it just kept riding.
  4. Exportswede your bike looks good, never seen a yellow CB400. Mine is the Tri Color (Blue/Red/White)
  5. +1 ^, it's well worth the effort (y)
  6. Thanks! They're pretty rare, apparently. I was told they only did the yellows in 2008, but that could be all lies. Still, I've only ever seen one other, but the guy who owned it had it all tricked out with a bunch of farkles so it didn't look much like mine anyhow.
    The tri-colours are nice though, especially the red/blue/white
  7. welcome aboard :]
  8. Word of warning Kings Highway....gotta watch out for those boys in blue!