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New bike...New Kit

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by thegutterpoet, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Having had my beloved 99 r6 stolen recently, I have upgraded (in terms of technology only!) to a 2007 R6 with 22km on the clock, its 24k service performed recently, new tyres and barely a smudge on the beast from end to end.

    Firstly security. I may well place a side gate on the house and keep the bike in the rear garden. Until then, I have bought an oxford screamer disc lock alarm, which seems OK? Or should I invest in a XENA?

    Also have a chain lock, which is rather weathered and I will probably replace with this>>

    I think the bike has an immobilizer fitted as stock?

    Is there any need for a power commander?

    I have been wearing goretex trousers and jacket for a while. Now need to replace them as they have become tatty. Any advised australian suppliers? Or is ebay my best bet?
  2. Spend the same amount of money on a decent padlock with protected shackle and a $20 on a couple meters of decent chain at lest 6mm thick.

    it will need to go though the frame or swing arm putting it though a wheel is pointless

    The best protection is to make it as difficult to steel as possible b y difficult I mean take as long as possible

    the chain you linked to would be busted in a few seconds, my DIY Chain and pad lock a few minutes or more. combine that with a security light and locked gate and hopefully the thieves will move onto someone else bike.

    Doesn't stop anyone from wheeling it away and chucking it in the back of a van or in a box trailer

    If you have to ask probably not.

    I personally like rev'it the quality is the best and the price point reasonable
  3. To go with Goretex again, there is Tiger Angel and Rukka (Innotesco) in Victoria. Not sure of any others except what bike shops may stock in Dainese, A* etc.

    I have Rukka jacket and pants, although I would call them winter gear mainly, as even with the liners removed they're too hot for anything over about 20°C. But they do have a range that can flow more air, just not what I got at the time.