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New bike..... new exhaust?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by uncorider11, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Hello ladies and gentz,

    I'm getting me a NEW bike!!!
    Upgrading from a VL250 to a GSX-R 600.

    Suzuki is throwing in a new Yoshi exhaust. Yaaaaa!!
    I have been told by some friends that I will need to make some adjustments to my bike ie. Jets etc.

    Then the suzuki guys tell me because the bike is fuel injected, no adjustments need to be made. Are they pulling my leg??

    Plz help me
  2. If it's EFI you'll be right, the mapping will compensate.

    For the ideal performance though a properly set-up Power Commander or similar will access more power. I'm thinking going from a VL250 to the GSX-R you won't be looking for more power straight away though.
  3. the new computers on the bikes are 32 bit so they can adjust fairly well to exhaust and filter mods. the power commander will fine tune it all and give you the increased power..
  4. I bought a yoshi slip on and just bolted it straight on myself and didnt notice any difference at all except the sound...

    I think your generally pretty safe from most of what ive heard, but i spose worst case scenario you might have to grab a power commander if you have any dramas...
  5. Thank you Mothra, Blue and Mik.

    It's good to know there is people out there to give a dumb ass like me some good advise.

    Cheerz, helmet ears
  6. First up. A new pipe will always release a few more ponies but more so in the top end of the power curve.

    The addition of a Power Commander or remapping with a TEKA or Yoshi box will in most cases improve the way the power is delivered as well as inching out a few more ponies.
  7. I have a '04 GSX-r 600 with a Megacycle end can. Suzuki have made no adjustments to my bike to run with this.

    The only difference is below 3000rpm the throttle response is a bit fluffy, but once the rpm's go over 3000, everything is very noice.

    A power commander is a worthwhile investment if you have the the money to get it done right - which means having the ignition mapping sorted while the bike is on a dyno.

    Reading articles from T.W.O and Bike (both excellent pommie bike mags) where they compare the power and torque curves of a bike before and after tuning with a PC and dyno, the gains can be in excess of 10hp (which for us 600 boys is about 10% more).