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New Bike! New Bike!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by finky10, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. hey all...

    sorry about the caps, but im pretty bloody excited!

    Just leaving work now-ish, to pick up my new (new for me :p ) bike.
    After careful consideration and all things being equal, i decided on a 250 across.
    Nice little bike that hopefully will be very fogiving to a newbie on the road.


    i'm getting a little excited/anxious/worried :roll: all at the same time about the first trip on her.

    I live out keilor way, and the bike is in waverly. Fair ride for someone just starting out, at least i think so.

    just wondering if any other people can remember their first ride, and if they felt the same way.

    nice little chat starter i reckon :D

    i'll keep u all posted, tomorrow, when i get back into work
    (hopefully all in one piece :?: )

  2. Hey, well done, how exciting!! Good choice too, another Across to add to the forum. woooo hooo. What colour is yours????

    What can I say about my first ride - ummmmm, I shat myself!! lol!!

    You will be fine mate, just take it easy. Let us know how you go.

    :D :D
  3. yeah another across....

    RED one, so by definition, it WILL go faster (than any other colour across)

    ...and yes lids... me too... shatting myself now... not even on the bike yet!
  4. Dude, I was nervous as all hell on my first ride home from the shop! (Ringwood => Mornington). I made it in one piece tho, thankfully. Just take care, you'll be fine!

    And grats on the bike! Looking forward to seeing ya soon on a ride or two. :)
  5. Ahhhh, those were t'days.

    First ride was around a mile or so on my rebuilt (from a box of bits) MB55 (an MB50 with a rebore). Never having been on anything bigger than a pushbike before (not that an MB50 is much bigger), I rode that mile pinned to the gutter, tense as you like & scared half to death. There was none of that modern 'training'. Back in those days it was do or/& die.

    Second ride was a breeze ... then it started blowing up, but that's another story.
  6. Yey!! Another Across!

    Excellent choice of Bike, although I must say that Black is definately the colour of choice :p

    I had to ride the beast from Hobart CBD 26k's home to Snug, but that's an easy trip compared to 5 k's in Melbourne! Apart from stalling at the first set of lights and a roundabout half way home it wasn't too bad.

    Any chance of some local netriders giving you an escort? If you were in Hobart I'd ride with you, but like I say, Hobarts tiny compared to Melbourne, and it's easier for me to offer.

    Good luck Finky10

  7. So how did you enjoy your ride home on your new bike finky??? :)

  8. A fine choice the 91 Red Across. It will serve you well for the next 15 months until you can upgrade to a Firestorm. Good luck with the bike and enjoy.
  9. thanks guys.....

    made in home in one piece.... Easy as you like!
    :) :)

    dont know why i waited so long to get the bike and license... much more fun than a car!

    most suprising thing, when i got home my dad wanted a spin! even after mum had given the "don't you like ur legs..." speech.

    pretty good signs all round!
  10. LOL - Well Done Congrats with the new bike..
  11. rofl at "don't you like ur legs..."

    Good luck on the bike and have fun.
  12. Excited as hell on the first ride :D

    Didn't shit myself... until the police followed me for a couple of K's.. I didn't have my Ls up at that stage, cruising along going "look experienced" - stressful :)

    Bikes are awesome, the more I ride it the better it gets, I just wish there was more time to ride, work takes a lot of that op :(
  13. Congrats on the first ride. Do what I did, after cruising the streets in the early evenings for a week or two commute to work/uni. It's an eye opener and you'll never loook back. Been commuting to/from work for eight weeks now, rail, hail or shine.
  14. Well done mate on the new purchase.

    The first ride home is the scariest. It gets better everytime from now on.

    Stay safe out there :)
  15. ashes wrote

    Brian , why would he trade down . :p :wink:
  16. New bike/first ride home


    Congrats on your first bike! glad to hear you made it home safely.

    I picked up my (new to me) bike two weeks ago. Since dealers only leave 5 drops of fuel in the tank, I had to go straight to the petrol station.

    The one I went to was busy, and had a hill for a driveway. I stalled the bike six times between the road and the pump!

    LOL, now. The rest of the ride was pretty smooth, once I figured out the RPM to use on start off!

  17. My first ride on my bike was 2 laps around the block, then over the road to the mother-in-law's, and finally back home. All of about 800m.

    First REAL ride on the road was about a 14km loop, and I was TERRIFIED! Once I got home, and the terror had subsided, I was back on it and away again!

    First highway ride was with some of the Netrider crew, and it was the best day of the year for me. Haven't looked back since.