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New Bike Nerves - Its all coming together

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Actionman, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Wooooot!

    Unless my check doesnt cash fast enough, i'm going to buy a GS500F this weekend. My first bike. :grin:

    I'm also doing the L's knowledge test this friday, having passed the rider training course about a month ago, (how lazy is that?!)

    I still need to tee up insurance. I'm looking at western QBE and Insure my ride. Any tips, I'm based in north sydney if that helps.

    So, saturday arvo, i'll have my L's and a bike thats insured hopefully, but not yet registered in my name (is that possible?).
    I've got my Helmet, boots, gloves, thickass jeans and a leather jacket.
    The bikes already got a years rego, so i dont need to pay greenslip.
    I guess i'll go for a ride on the thing..... there are some decent quiet streets around where i live.

    I'll have to transfer the rego on monday morning.

    Did i miss anything? A bit nervous here is all.

    Liking the netrider forums here, learning from many different peoples experiences and appreciating the camradery that i'll soon be a part of, on two wheels.

    I guess i just need to relax about it a bit. I know it's going to be pretty exciting to sit on my bike for the first time knowing that "this is mine"...


  2. Well done and please be careful. Sometimes with the excitement you forget all about road rules and just go for it. Take it easy especially with the roads being so slippery at the moment.
    Dont forget to relax and enjoy your riding :grin:
  3. Thanks man.

    been reading about alot of falls and injuries lately from the slippery roads, hopefully the weather will be nice this weekend.
    The roads are probably "clean" enough after the rain, but all the same i'll take it really easy until i'm more natural with the controls and emergency braking.
  4. since ur in north syd, wen u gonna take it on the bridge? Btw Im getting my licence soon too. Still tossing up between 3 bikes. cbr250rr, gs500f, rv400 (or watever its called). So how does the gs500 ride, does it go?
  5. Yeah they go. :p

    They probably arent alot faster than sporty 250's, but they have more bottom end torque and can maintain high speeds at lower revs. I'd say if you were dragging a 250 you'd keep up, but you wouldnt be working as hard. Less frequent gear changes in normal use, very good commuter and when you're in 6th on the freeway, it's not essentially "buzzing" between your legs like a 2fiddy probably is.

    They are larger and heavier though. 180kg dry, a gpx250 is about 140dry.
    The donk is good for 49hp @ about 9000rpm.
    Most modern 250's are about 30-45hp at 11000rpm?

    A cbr250rr will outhandle it i'm sure.

    I've heard people complain about the gs500's suspension a bit though, front forks bottoming out and a soft rear, but i think these are either old bikes, fat riders or abusive riding, if not, then there are many ways to improve it with machined nylon spacers in the front forks to increase preload and the rear shock can be replaced with many units from modern 650s, gsxr650 shock goes in pretty easy apparently.....

    The seat height is perfect for me, i'm 5'11'' but i've got pretty long legs.
    The seating position is more upright and relaxed than a sporty 250, but if you lean over the tank, you still look the part.

    Also, considering that my intended second bike would be a sporty twin of about 650cc and 80hp, i think it's a good entry point.
    If you are good with a wrench they are pretty uncomplicated and because the platform is relatively unchanged for like 20 years, repairs and spares are easy.

    I've already convinced myself obviously, read up on the bikes you are interested in.

    cbr250rr's are pretty damn cool....

    Bridge? prob after a few days of riding in the quiet locals, or i'll just pick a low traffic time.
  6. Hey mate, sounds like you've really done your research on the gs500 :grin:

    Have you decided on insurance yet? If you're under between 23-25 Western QBE would probably be the way to go, since their age premium applies to <23's. That's who I went with, ended up costing me around $900 for named rider comprehensive on a new '07 gs500f, I think they took into account my full no claim bonus from my nrma car insurance as well. I'll probably shop around next year when it comes up for renewal since I'll be over 25.

    Oh btw, I saw that you're gonna ride with jeans. Given the weather lately, you may want to sort out some waterproof pants. I rode with jeans for the first few months before I got caught in the rain one day and froze my nuts off. Bought some waterproof insulated riding pants the same day :LOL:
  7. nice mate :p

    picked up a GS500F myself a couple months back and being a L'er am finding it great. I guess it is my age? (over 30) as insurance is costing me $28 a month with swann insurance (comprehensive). I am a rating one with the car which gave me the rating one with the bike, at least that is what I was told.

    take it easy mate and get to know the bike somewhere quiet before hitting the busy roads, never used the mirrors nor the indicators (much) in my learners course so there is a lot to get used to when you are starting out (I found anyway). I haven't dropped mine yet (touch wood) but nearly been taken out twice in Adelaide by cage drivers!
  8. Geeeeez $28 a month! I guess there's one positive thing about getting older eh? :LOL:
  9. Woohoo!

    Passed L's DKT (RKT) today, no Problems, 45 for 45.

    Also, i'm going with western QBE, $570 premium for full comprehensive on what will hopefully be a 2005 GS500 this weekend.

    And they do take inot account your no claim bonus from previous car insurance, which is nice.

    I've bought a good jacket with armor off ebay so i'll be much more protected by tues next week, also, i WILL buy a pair of draggin jeans this weekend, probably sunday morning.

    Tomorrow should be fun... Hope the weather stays good.
  10. well done mate :grin: have fun! be safe :beer:
  11. Anyone have some last minute tips for purchasing a bike private sale?

    I've already read and have a copy of the used bike evaluation guide, so i'm up to speed with checking it out mechanically.

    Whats the best method to make a cash sale with the seller to get the best price i can? I have an upper limit in mind so i'm certainly not going over that, but how close to my limit should i start? If i start too far below, he/she will think i'm a joker/tyre kicker, if i start too close..........

    Do people prefer Cash? check? sexual favours? (joking)

    Any tips would be mad appreciated.

    Thanks wildside. If we cross paths, the beers willl be real :grin:
  12. Real people prefer cash, shops prefer bank cheques. (in my experience, some people won't even accept a bank cheque.

    Take someone else with you. I know youve read what to check out on the bike, but you can be caught up int he fluster and miss something.

    I would go 20% below your max, ie if your max is $5000, start at $4000.

    The redbook price on a gs500E (k4 faired version of gs500, I'm assuming this is the same as the gs500f since there is no gs500f on redbook.com.au) is $4800 - $5700. So I'd say start the bidding at $4000, aim for a $5000 buy, all depends on the condition, if/how much rego it has left, etc. Say if the rego is going to run out in a month or under, find out the 6/12 month cost of rego, and take that off the price he wants, and don't seem too eager.
  13. Hey, congrats Actionman!
    It's definitely fun, but even better when you can share it with others. Practise as much as you can :)
  14. Thanks guys.

    Yeah, i'm going to stick to my guns as far as price is concerned.
    It's amazing how overpriced most 2nd hand gs500f's are.

    People are still asking 6500-7500 for 2005-2006 models with 10k klms plus,
    Obviously they aren't likely to get that price but it makes for an uncomfortable bargain.

    Anyways, i'm looking at it tomorrow, and if it's all good...... :p

    If it's not all good, i'm not in a rush, but if anyone knows a GS for sale? Let me know.
  15. the red book price is for the unfaired version ie gs500e is the naked the 05's can fetch upwards of $7,000 as long as the seller isn't in a hurry to move the bike like i unfortunately became when i sold mine, if the bike is in good condition, no scratches with a service history, any offer below $6,000 for a 05 will be concidered a joke, ones that have had a slight fall, are fetching $5,500+

    the only 250's you will out run on a gs500 is the parallel twins, no point trying to out ride a sports 250, you migfht get them off the line but after that you will be chasing to keep up, putting yourself in to all sorts of danger, remember to ride your own ride, don't let anyone push you to keep up pace
  16. You reckon?

    When the SRP for a brand new GS500F is only $8,290?
    and the SRP for the GS500E is $7390?

    I know people who've payed a few hundred less at dealers, I would honestly wonder why a person would save only a grand or so by going 2nd hand, especially if it's a first bike.

    Not to mention that there isn't a hell of a lot of bike there, pretty humble technology. Anyway, if he thinks i'm a joker with my offer, i wont buy it.

    Oh, and also, if i intended to hoon around like a racer, i would by a 4cyl 250 or the hyo GT650RL (shame about those engines tho) instead.
    I'm not overly confident and think i'll be more concerned with staying alive, atleast for the first few weeks, than blatting about.
    After that though, well, i'll burn that bridge once i cross it. :p

    I'll let you know how i go, whether i get the bike or not.

    PS. I know that these are only average prices, but
    Redbook is in my favour atm. Notice that this page is titled gs500E, but then ()'s "K4 faired", and the RRP stated is for the F model at $8290


    As I'm slowly transforming myself from a cager into a "powered" 2 wheeler, MAN! do i notice more and more poor drivers! I guess the more you think about it, the more you notice.
    It's no wonder about the animosity between cagers and freemen/freewomen such as yourselves.
  17. OH YEAH!!!

    I Bought the GS500F!