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New bike, need knowledgable opinions...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Maetrik, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. I was going to post this in the specific bike thread but it only had cruisers, scooters and off road and i want to discuss sports bikes so im posting it here for lack of a more suitable forum.

    I've been riding for 10 months on the road with about 10 years of dirtbike experience behind me. I own a Suzuki SFV650 Gladius that i've modified with an unrestricted ECU and power commander, so for what it is it goes pretty hard. However after completing a track day at PI, i really feel like i need to be looking at some supersports bikes. Without barking up my own tree, i was dominating the field of 40 riders in my group, the only limitation being the bike i was on.

    Now my original choice was going to be a Triumph Daytona 675, however im 6"3' and around 100kg and don't want a bike that is too small for me like my current ride, so im considering venturing into the thou territory, namely a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. To be honest, i would much rather stay in the realms of a good supersports 600, as they're lighter, more nimble and practical if i need to use it to commute, however i dont want to be overbearing on the bike in terms of size. On the other hand, getting a thou would be great for my size but they're heavier, and hit their prime at speeds that simply aren't practical on public roads. Im really stuck for choice.

    Can anyone give me some advice on which direction i should head? I'm addicted to track days after my first at PI, and really want to advance my riding to a level where i can really start hitting some good lap times, but also need it to be practical for a good ride with mates on rural public roads without killing myself.

    So basically, to thou or not to thou is the question, what do y'all think?

    Edit: To clarify, i like riding pretty hard, within my limits but i like pushing myself and the bike so cruisers or anything similar are completely out of the question, im looking for a high performance sports bike.
  2. This is a problem that larger riders face.
    At your size and weight, the more compact supersport bikes which have suspension limits, that can be overpowered by your physical stature. Your choice of the 675 with it's torquey motor and pretty tall seat height, at least makes better sense than the other 600'ds.
    I'd say that you are probably going to need a firmer rear spring, which typically max out in usefulness, at around 85kilograms. Mind you, the same is true of the thou's, so you are likely to have to do something there as well. However, the thous ride and feel like a bigger bike, which may more readily handle you size and weight. And the extra horsepower, won't notice your weight as much, for obvious reasons.
    Will be interesting to see what other bigger blokes have found.

    If you were to buy new, pricing practicality favours the superbikes at the moment. I think the honda fireblade is priced at only $1,000 or less above the 675, i think(?).
  3. I thought that the SV variants made a fairly good trackbike already which is probably why you were fast compared to others in white (often white is slow I was fast in white on a SXV550 at EC).

    I am 6.2 and 100 and haven't really felt the weight couldn't be handled by the suspension when I am riding the 600s (though I only test rode them). They can take a pillion after all.

    I wouldn't buy a new bike to go tracking on personally. You can buy a pretty good second hand track bike with all the gear, keep the gladius for the road and probably still have change compared to a new bike. It limits your choice to 600s more as they are more popular.
  4. Sorry to clarify, it won't be a track bike. It'll be a bike that i can take to track days that can perform as a track bike but still be a normal sports bike. Not a dedicated track bike. Thats for 10 years down the track ;).

    If the 1000 Blades are only $1000 more than the 675's ill be strongly considering it, ill obviously test ride heaps of bikes just to get a feel but id say if i were to enter thou territory its between a Blade and a GSXR.
  5. you can get 2010 1000cc bikes for $16K. I dont think that you can get a discount on the 675s as they are too popular.

    Having said that you will probably get a 2010 600cc jap bike for $13 ish

    Go lowball some dealers, its the middle of winter and they will want to move last years stock.
  6. How fit/flexible are you? When I was younger and fitter I had no problems riding a sports bike all day, now the body just doesn't want to bend like that anymore.

    Maybe you could look at the sportier sports-tourers. Things like the Hyabusa, ZX14 etc. Maybe a 1000cc naked like the FZ1, CB1000R, Tuono etc. Gives you close to the power and performance of a sports bike, but are a bit more comfortable.
  7. Im a big bloke, not overly flexible but wasn't that sore after PI and i was pushing pretty hard so im also not a cripple either. I'll look into your suggestions, cheers.

    I don't hear alot about the new ZX-10R on here, what are peoples thoughts, i've heard the new model is supposed to be nuts.
  8. Good thinkin, i may just do that.
  9. I like the new ZX10. But it is so bloody small. And not the best handling one out there.
    Rule # 1. Power is not everything and sometimes can work against you. The most powerful bike is rarely the one in front. Unless your into QTR miles. If so get a Busa and S/C it.

    Personally I don't think you can go wrong with the CBRrr. It's one bike I jump on and feel strait at home with. They handle like a dream and are so well behaved they are almost boring. They are very confidence inspiring.
    Tey are not the most powerful, but not that far off. the way they put the power out and down makes them feel like they have a lot less than they do.
    And because they have not had much of an update or are the "one to have" at the moment you can screw a great deal on one. I reckon you would not want to pay more than 16,500 ride away for an 2010 plate one. And there are a few new ones left on the floors.
  10. Gotta say for your height and weight, you'll probably want to go for a ZX9R. It's a bit better suited to larger riders than a CBR, or any modern 1L sports bike that I've tried. If that's not big enough for you, then a 12R is about perfect for bike blokes, but needs a little more respect with the throttle.

    My current bike is a ZX12R, and my previous was a 9R, so perhaps I'm biased, but I'm 6 ft / 100kg and I just couldn't find even a 1 litre bike that didn't feel cramped. I wouldn't discount the 9 btw, my previous one had a full titanium akrapovic and I'd rate it equivalent to my stock 12 before I started tinkering with it.
  11. I'm 5" 10' and 80kgs. I sat on quite a few thous and even they seemed fairly small for me. I'd imagine for someone your size they'd be quite cramped.

    The 2011 zx10r is an amazing 'not so big' bike. I reckon it would be perfect for myself (i can almost flat foot it - its lower than my 636)

    I reckon take a look at the zx12 and 14s, otherwise like others have mentioned - nakeds like cb1000r
  12. The most fun I've had on a track was with my sv650s. Power, suspension, brakes, handling were all nowhere near the fireblade I moved onto.

    I found pushing the less superior bike to its limits was more fun than using about only a fraction of the capabilities of a SS.

    So my advise is to keep the gladius and just learn to ride the absolute $hit out of it. Being the fastest in white doesn't mean too much, I've been the fastest in white several times and I take it pretty easy.
  13. My previous bike was a '98 ZX9R, and my current bike is a '10 CBR1000RR, I'm 6'3" and 80kg and find the fireblade to be pretty comfortable (not too small at all). Having said that, the 9 is definitely more comfortable, especially for longer distance rides (greater than a couple of hours). The 9 puts out 132hp at the wheel (with just a bolt on akrapovic), whereas the fireblade puts out 162hp, with bolt on yoshi, pcv, and k&n filter. The 9 really falls behind the fireblade in the handling stakes, the blade is a long way ahead in this aspect (later model 9s were probably better).

    Given a choice between the two, for the style of riding the OP is talking about, I'd recommend the fireblade. Test ride one and see what you think.

    I have a mate who has a 2011 ZX10R and another mate who has a 2011 Hayabusa, and they both put out 172hp at the wheel without any modifications. I haven't ridden either one yet, but I'm hoping they'll let me have a go soon 8-[
  14. Second page of this thread and no-one (I think) has mentioned a GSXR750 yet!
    For shame, Netrider.
  15. From what I have read, and I am only assuming the OP is about 27. He will want the thou.
    It's not untill you in your mid thirties where you get smart enough to look at bikes like the gixer 750 and co
  16. Im not trying to say im the best, because i wasn't, but i was at PI with Raven who knows his shit and he said i was riding my bike at its limit, i couldn't really get anymore out of it. Ill post a pic below to give you an idea of how big i look on the thing, it looks retarded (keep in mind ive turned it into a steetfighter so its going to look small with a custom headlight, no fairings etc. But in terms of me hitting the limitations of the Gladius, thats a gun rider telling me that, not me saying "oh i smashed the white group so i need to upgrade to a thou and be a fully sik rider". I've ridden dirt bikes for 10 years so ive picked up road riding really quickly and the Gladius just isn't giving me the riding experience i want anymore.

    Pic of me on the bike, i look like im about to break the thing!

    In response to the non-mention of the GSXR-750, ive been told its not like a gutsy 600, more like a gutless thou, so im a bit iffy about that one.

    And for the record, im 23.

    I'll look into the ZX12R, but then thats just scarily powerful. I've only been road riding for 10 months, i dont want to be pushing the envelope too much. However if its a better fit than a thou, then it'll more than likely be safer despite the added power because it suits my riding style and size better. I dunno, ill have to test ride but the CBR1000RR is looking pretty appealing at this stage.

    Surprised no one has piped up suggesting an R1? Any reason why, i used to love them but they don't seem to get recommended much??
  17. The hayabusa is not a bike i'd want to peddle around PI.
    That's not it's forte. Same for the kawasaki 14.

    Big engines but not bikes for cornering. (and that's where the fun is)
    Stick with the Honda fireblade, 2009+.

    The previous shape (like mine), did not handle as good, overall...still nice power though.
    Or if funding means it's gotto be the older shape then it has to be the 2006 and up, but fitted with a 180 rear. That makes a big diff in cornering. Throw a good pipe and commander on it and you'll get 150hp+ at the rear wheel.

    Trouble is... Those extras may put you back up close to the newer release, which is an improved engine design, and better handling package. Not to mention all the other improvements.
  18. If i was to go the Blade i'd get the new one, its a given if they've made engine improvements, especially seeing as Honda usually nail any improvements on their bikes. At least dirt bikes anyway.
  19. definately go the thou, minimum
  20. 180 rear is better