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New Bike - My First Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BRD007, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm finally buying my First bike after waiting and shopping around for almost 13 months. I have decided to go with a brand new bike purchase because I have never purchased a brand new vehicle before and wanted to know how it felt to buy one. :)

    I have put down a deposit and just in the process of getting finance for the bike. Hopefully everything should be done and good to go by this Saturday, but I’m willing to wait if it doesn't work that fast.

    The NetRider Forum and NetRider members has helped me allot and educated me extensively, I’d like to thank everyone for there advise in all of my questions and will be asking allot more questions in the months to come.

    I will keep the thread updated with pics and maybe mods of my ride if I do get any mods added to the bike.

    Note to Moderator’s: If this thread is in the wrong section please move it, I think this is the right section but not too sure
  2. it's a great feeling buying new.... just remember to factor in insurance on top of your budget :wink:
  3. And the bike would be a....?
  4. Hey congat's!!! Did you end up getting a virago? :)
  5. Srry for the long explanation. (I'll highlight the type of bike so you dont need to read through the whole post if you dont want to. :))

    Sorry bout that, must of forgot to put up the bike make, just so excited. :)
    Well as I said I have been looking for the right bike for ages. I was thinking about getting a used bike between 3 - 4k but decided to go new because of the price difference. The fact that I also got a new job also influenced me to get a new bike.

    I was going for a cruiser style bike, in which most of use know, but I took the Virago for a test ride and it just didnt do it for me. Yes the bike was exceptionally easy to control, but it didn't have enough pull especially for a guy my size.

    I decided to go for the Hyosung 07 GT250R. As soon as I saw this bike I said that theres no way that this is 250 because it just looks like a bigger bike. Well I couldnt hold my self I decided to sit on it and see how it felt like. When I sat on the bike it felt good, I have tried out a few sports bikes and they have been small for my size but this one feels just right.

    After I had a seet on it I looked at the dealer and asked him if i could go for a test ride. Well I think you guyz would know how the rest of the story would go, after I went for that ride I just got hooked. Its definately pretty fast.

    I heard some people talking bad towards this bike and it kinda put me off from getting it in the beggining. But in the past few months I have been reading other peoples forums on the Hyosungs and there are some good comments made.
  6. Well done mate. Just wait til Loz finds out :wink:
  7. Well congratulations. There's nothing quite as good as that new bike smell :grin: and if you love the bike, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks! Enjoy :)
  8. Sounds like you've made a good purchase: it's not what you end up buying so much as the reasons you bought it and making sure you consider the important factors: feeling 'right' on it, it makes you feel good, and a motor that gives you the right amount of power when you want it.

    Relax and practise and you'll have a ball.
  9. Just remember this quote, it will come back to haunt you ;) You'll be saying in umm, less than 6-8 months (for most people) that BLOODY 250s! They are too slow!! I want to upgrade NOW! *giggles*

    Best of luck with your purchase and remember a bike isn't just about riding it. Gear, insurance, traffic sense, looking out for potential threats and of course don't try to push your limits ASAP. Take your time, you have lots of it (and if you push too fast, you may not have much time left).

    Welcome to the wonderful world of biking :grin:
  10. All good posts there undii
  11. Congrats on the bike... enjoy . :grin:
  12. piccys!

    let me know how you go with this bike, im thinking about getting one as well
  13. Oh yeah, another Hyo rider! Loz will be pleased :p
  14. Neither I or alot of the other people who complain about hyos have actually ridden them. Of course the people who are having trouble with them are going to complain and then other people are going to pick up those complaints and say "I hear nothing but bad things about the hyo".

    There are plenty of happy hyo riders and I hope you are one of them. :grin:
  15. You just talked to Loz only, didn't you.... :LOL:
  16. Good choice -

    My BF has one and I have to say I always get a little bit frisky when I see him pull up around the corner on it.... :demon:

    Make sure you get the after-market exhaust on it and some new tyres - the stockies are completely horrible as they are really really really hard and as such very slippery - if you get the stickies then you can REALLY lean into those turns (plus the added safety factor which always helps)!
  17. I picked up the beast on Saturday from Parramatta Bike Biz. Was a long ride all the way back to liverpool but made it without any issues.






  18. Nice. Enjoy. :wink: