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New Bike Movie Preview - Worlds Fastest Indian (Vid)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Dazza, Sep 17, 2005.

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  2. GOT TO SEE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. definately going to see that!!! Maybe we could make it a wollongong netrider gathering Paul??
  4. I'm up for that, the camera gun stuff on the salt flats looks amazing.
    Yep, let's organise an group viewing......
  5. NOOOOOOOO!!!! I just did a search to find where it will screen and find this.

    DAMN!!! However according to most reviews it has recieved high praise and even THREE standing ovations from the toronto film festival

    Source: http://www.pdgv.com.au/news/2005-09-14_01.html
  6. Count me in for that. Russell Wright, another New Zealander, also holds the speed record still for a sidecar, which he set at Bonneville way back in the 50's with a Vincent-powered outfit.

    He came and spoke at our bike club meeting in Canberra once and showed us some pictures of the bike, they breed them pretty tough over there.

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  8. Oh yeh, that's much better. I am really looking forward to seeing that.
  9. Munro, Russell Wright, John Britten, plus a slew of successful GP riders and Enduro champions. For a tiny country, NZ has sure produced some amazing motorcyclists, hasn't it?
  10. With roads like they have to ride you'd hope so!!
  11. Here is a signed picture of Russell Wright and his Vincent-engined sidecar with the speed achieved, 176.5 mph (282 km/h)

    The picture was signed by Bob Burns, (Russell Wright's partner in the Land Speed Record attempt) He signed this picture for me when he visited Canberra and spoke at a Canberra Road Racing Club meeting in 1979.

  12. Worth the read: One Good Run

    "One Good Run--The Legend Of Burt Munro" by Tim Hanna

    Easy, flowing text, well written, some photos, no tech-knowledge required.

    The author of the John Britten biography has come up with another great read...a MUST for any 2-wheel- speed-freak.

    It's the live story of another outstanding Kiwi and his quest to break speed records in the early 1960's....on a totally out-dated Indian Scout.

    A fascinating ramble spanning a lifetime in the pursuit of speed, tuning and riding on NZ's Southern beaches and public roads...to the Great Salt Lakes in the US.
    A great book that can be easily read a piece at a time (if you can manage THAT :) ), as the story is continuous without being "wide-spun and involved".
    There are very few (and short) technical sections, which can be scanned over if the reader isn't into that sort of thing, without missing any of the story at all.

    Put it on the X-mas wish-list.

  13. Has this amazing life not recently been made into a movie as well?? I recollect discussion on that few months back......
  14. """ The World's Fastest Indian """
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  16. From Kiwi Rider October 2005 p12 Article "Burt Munro Movie set to screen here": " ...screens... in Australia from March 2006".
  17. Sorry guys, going to New Zealand at the end of the month where it is already showing.
    I'll let you know what it's like.
  18. The Fastest Indian

    Has anyone seen the film "The Fastest Indian". Its about a Kiwi dude, Burt Munro, and his 200mph Indian he takes to Bonneville. I saw it in Wellington NZ a couple of weeks ago, brilliant film. anthony Hopkins plays the lead. If ya get a chance, see it.