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New bike - L's - petrol?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by lil_clair, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Got L's last week
    Got new bike today! woo hooo!!
    but not enuf petrol innit to get me 4 blocks!

    couldnt decide whether or not to ride the bike or put it in the back of dads ute but the guys at the dealership (who are bloody awesome - nowra motorcycles) watched me ride around the carpark and said i'd be fine.

    my dad followed behind in his ute just incase which was good coz i ran out of fuel a few blocks away and wasnt confident enuf to reach the reserve switch so just kinda stopped right in the middle of the princes hwy! fark a duck.

    got going again and left my blinker on for ages - of course. traffic was banked up behind me 20-30 cars long! hehe. and nowhere to overtake a bloody L plater doin 80kays. managed to stay upright on mum and dads poxy gravel drive way too.

    only bugger is i had to fang it back to sydney in the car and have to wait til saturday arvo to ride it again. then planning to practice all weekend (esp. reserve switch) and ride back to syd monday.

    if i cant get a mate to ride back with me it would be awesome if a netrider is free and doesnt mind sitting on 80 clicks from shoal haven to syd??


  2. Well done clair you'll have a heap of fun.
    Hope you got gear as well :)
  3. ta 2whls,

    ive got gloves, helmet and boots. just wearing normal jeans and civi leather jacket. gonna get an armoured jacket with back thingy and ,maybe draggins or leathers. and some rain proof stuff.

    i'd be wearing my helmet now sitting in my lounge room but i cant get the beer thru the hole...
  4. nice job, first time i had to switch to reserve was on a bike i was testing on the freeway at 100, luckily it was night and traffic wasn't bad :)
  5. A beer drinking, bike riding, swearing chick... I'm impressed!

    Nice bike too.
  6. Congrats, it will serve you well.

    I replied to your q's on the "other" forum.
  7. No way! I saw "Nowra Motorcycles" as I scanned the post quickly, and realised when I saw the date and then the pics that I had seen you before - I was the guy that wheeled your ride down from around the back at the Honda dealer! What are the odds I'd find your post on NR? Hope you're liking your new ride, I don't mind the bike myself, it's a nice little bike! It'd probably be too small for me, though.

    Good luck!
  8. nice bike! i was actually riding around tonight thinking i wish i had done some more research and got a suzuki 500!
  9. Congrats on the new bike and your Ls Clair. The GS is a great bike by all accounts. Enjoy! :)
  10. welcome to the fold, nice choice for a first bike. A proper leather jacket and draggins are definately worth their weight in gold and comfortable too!
  11. its a small world. yep, its going well so far. havent dropped it and have ridden about 800kms on it already. i'll probably be seeing you around at nowra motorcycles when im back for a service. too small? i can see how people get their first bike and then just keep upgrading and getting bigger bikes. the 500 is big enuf 4 me for now tho.

    see ya round

    and bouffcat - definately getting some better gear. the leather jacket im wearing now i got when i was 8 - a bit small and will result in some serious mid section gravel rash if the unspeakable happens.