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New bike long ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Plunderer, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Hi All,
    The stars did align and I just picked up my new bike in Melbourne, a MT09 with only 1700ks on it. The guy I bought it off was awesome to deal with and a really nice bloke as well. Absolutely stoked. Now I just have to get it home.....to Newcastle. Leaving at approx 7 tomorrow morning. Should probably be back for work on Friday, but I may also be stopping regularly on the way home due to lack of a number plate. Say hi if you see me on the Hume. Longest ride until now is around a couple of hours. Any tips?


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  2. dude naked is best, congratulations

    my tip is to take plenty of breaks and a few pics as it will probably be a bit of a blur by the time you get home. oh, and try to get some sleep tonight!
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  3. congrats
  4. Gat choice of a bike! And fantastic first ride together :happy:
    Good night sleep
    Wrap up warm, put wet weather gear before you start
    Regular stops to rehydrate and move a bit
    Keep your eyes opened and have fun
    Take pics and post here when you get home
    All the best (y)
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  5. Was going to "just put wet gear on if it rains". But at 110 might not get much warning, so I'll heed your advice. Thermals ready and two pairs of socks. Probably packed a bit much (even have spare pair of boots) but down to tank bag and a backpack now. Going to try to ocky strap backpack to rear of seat to save wear on my own back. Would this be advisable? And yes, I should be in bed.
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  6. rest your ass.... probably too late for tips but I'll try and keep an eye out as I'm on the way. Maybe pray it doesn't snow??? just time Sydney so you dont arrive in peak, but you shouldn't.
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  7. yes better to occy strap if you can
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  8. I'd wear wets... again....too late..... depends on your backpack, mine are comfy, but some suck, it's been fcuking windy and cold here the last couple of days and tomorrow is only likely to be worse. Take it easy, relax in the wind over the high bridges, but if you need to stop, just stop.....it could get nasty. Around yass is pretty exposed to wind..... I drove up in a storm a couple of months back and the shit that was flying into cars was insane.
  9. PlundererPlunderer
    Nice! Talk about a new bike and a maiden voyage! How awesome.

    Good luck, stay safe and post piccies up. I just did VIC to NSW and I hear you about the weather! Brrrrr
    Pity you didn't take more time off to really sample the way back, but at least it's time away on the road! :rolleyes:(y)
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  10. I slept in a bit. Woke up at 5 and been fighting with my pillow ever since (I said fighting, not biting before anyone chimes in). Up to shower, coffee and load bike. Will post pics soon.
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  11. Sweet bike. I tested one a few weeks ago nearly took it home. Happy travels and enjoy the ride
  12. Good 1 PlundererPlunderer nice bike (y), probably too late, agree with the tips above also whenever possible stand up on the pegs and or stretch your legs forward while traveling. So are you saying no plates ?, GigittGigitt picked up a bike from Vic and with the same problem but he found a solution I'd never heard of too bad you two didn't exchange notes.
    Ride safe (stay warm !!!!!) and enjoy.
  13. #14 Plunderer, Jun 23, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2016
    20160623_085419. And I'm off.
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  14. Great looking bike mate get it home in one piece, I reckon the bike will handle the trip a lot better than you !!!! If everything turns to shit pull into a truck stop and ask for a lift
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  15. Also post it up and ask the NR for help. Happened to me and it was just amazing with the responses!!
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  16. Stopped when i got to the hume for breakfast. Can't feel my feet or hands. Going to be a long ride in this weather. Cmon sunshine. 20160623_102200.
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  17. Since you've got no plates, enjoy the ride! :sneaky:
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  18. Don't stop - what's coming behind you is worse!
    Good luck with the ride.
    Not understanding how the no plates thing works unless you just plan to outrun the cops...
  19. In regards to the no plates. I know it's not the same as my situation a few weeks back, but;

    Due to the skippy writing my beastie off and the insurance replacing like for like (in VIC) I wasn't able to be "sold" a registered bike since I wasn't a VIC resident.

    However I could be sold an unregistered bike & get a 7 day temp permit (unregistered vehicle permit) approx $60 from VICRoads. This came with restrictions however - eg. You will go from point A to B directly and no social shenanigans or group rides.

    I guess the term "direct route" is used loosely since it can be argued that (eg I took the long coastal roads rather than head inland through mt areas due to snow/cold... And I would have stated "personal safety" due to icy roads)....

    In the end it was too many conditions so I got QLDer plates to be sent to me from back home via express post.
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