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New Bike Lock on the way...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ChrisBurke, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    Ive been noticing some talk about bike security options and thought Id let you know about a new product on its way.

    This is a product that I am having made here in Melbourne by a small engineering firm.

    It is made totally from Stainless Steel, and bolts (dynabolts) to the ground. If you park your bike in your driveway or garage, you just roll the bike into it, and lock the pin.

    We also have one which is suitable for mounting into your trailer (I have heard of many bikes dissapearing from trailers).

    Although this is not help full for people who ride to work or uni, it is well worth the investment for home use.

    We are currently in discussions with insurance companies to have this product favourably looked upon in some way.

    I have attached a picture of one of our prototypes, but expect the product when it is released (hopefully inside a month) to be a super nice bead polished finish.

    Im expecting that the unit will retail for around the $280 mark, with NetRiders discounts available.

    Any thoughts?


  2. Well...depends how quick you can dynabolt something to the footpath :p

    Looks very interesting though, particularly if you can get insurance companies on board (*groan* at impending $1300 insurance :roll: ) . Best of luck with it.
  3. I was thinking of a similar lokking solution about 2 weeks ago.
    More for the councils to install at various places than at home though.

    Maybe you could approach then to see about it?
    My idea was having a coin operated key release or something like public lockers.
  4. looks good. better than having to stick your disc lock on when its in the driveway. and bike collectors i assume would like it considering their bikes are stationary for a fair while and fairly expensive machines. and the talking to the council would be good. maybe get them to stick a few in motorcycle only parking spots and have a coin operated system or something?
  5. I agree with the above comments. Prehaps a model to where a padlock can be used to secure the main pin as well (make a way so that the main pin cannot be removed totally from the device). Of course the padlock would have to be shielded to a degree. That may be an option so that they can be provided in public places, just bring your own padlock! Just a suggestion. Makes the selling point to councils etc to be lack of maintenance and capital outlay.

    Hope you have success with it

  6. Socket wrench and a trailor... all that will be left is the rear wheel...
    Seen a similar thing but on larger scale the entire bike was locked down by a bar over the seat...
    The bike was still stolen... but than it was a harly so no one missed it...
  7. obligatory Across joke.....

    Just put an Across next to your bike.... :wink:
  8. Yeah... thief sneaks up.. spies a spada, and an across... clunk, pinch, steal... sneak sneak....

    two bike riders return to get their bikes, spada owner is upset that the across has been flogged and his pile of poo was left behind
    :D :D
  9. [quote="LineNoise] (*groan* at impending $1300 insurance :roll: ) [/quote]

    JEEEZUS $1300 for a toofiddy!!!

    I just got a quote for 12 months comprehensive on the across,
  10. you think thats bad, i got quoted $4500 to insure my ZX6R, told those bastards to take their $4500 quote and shove it where the sun don't shine... :evil: My bike probably isn't even worth that much...

    insurance companies really must not want the business of under 25yo's
  11. like your thinking mate, but if you were a thief and you saw a vtr250 (like yours) parked next to a suzuki across which would you steal?

    i'm sure every a theif has more dignity than to be seen stealing an across :LOL:
  12. Dunno about you lot, but bolt cutters will get around chains.
    I however sleep sound at night knowing my bikes security feature will lick you to death on sight. If youre allergic to cute then stay well away!


    Gad i miss that bike :cry:
  13. lol..the Spada is a VT250....not a VTr250 :wink:
  14. It looks like Ill be taking orders on these units before they are finished (as Ive had good interest in them on 'another' site)...

    Anyone who wants more info on them, or thinks they may want one, let me know so I can count you in...

    Itll make it easier for me to order the right number :)
  15. Hmm I'm interested. How much are these units going for? I've actually been looking for a solution to placing some pin/bolt like that on my front driveway.
  16. would love to know if these are now available. please let me know.
  17. Could you make it so that the 2 upright bars were able to be either removed or layed over so that , if you had it in your garage than other cars could get over it without the fear of ripping a tyre off.