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New Bike: Kwaka 250 Ninja vs 650R Hyo vs 650 Hyo Naked

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by zeddicus, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Gents and Ladies,

    I am considering a new bike to replace the aging ZZ-R250 I currently ride (which I do not own). I plan to keep it for around two years. I've narrowed the choice down to three:

    Hyosung 650R faired
    Hyosung 650 naked
    Kawsaki 250 Ninja

    99.9% of my riding experience is on a ZZ-R250. I have my unrestricted license so I am legally allowed to ride anything I like. The faired Hyo will cost me approx $8000 on-road, $10500 worst case. The ninja is about $7200 approx and the naked Hyo is around $7600.

    I like the look of both the Hyo 650R and Ninja. The Ninja plus side is Kwaka brand, negative is I'd be stuck with a 250 again. Hyo faired plus is the look + the power vs cost ratio. Negative is the potential mechanical issues with Hyo (I've done extensive research on this and am familiar with both sides of the argument).

    Hyo naked positive is power + cost vs the faired version. Negative is as above for the faired plus the fact that I'm not a naked fan (I don't like look)

    So my question to you dear Netriders, is which bike and why?
  2. None of the above. If you're on an unrestricted licence I'd be looking at something like an ER-6F or an ex-demo SV650S (or possibly even a GS500F).
  3. Your shortlist is wacko mate.

    I wouldn't buy anything with Hyosung on the tank... Why not look at an ER-6 or any number of other GOOD bikes around that price range?
  4. The only reason I can see why you are looking at these bike is there all new?

    They are all so different :? .

    Sorry to suggest another bike . :wink:
    But your thinking about a HYO GTR full faring and the GT with up right bars ,that is maybe not a safest bet reliability wise and at $9000+ORC.
    Guess ride away at $10,000.

    Have you seen the new Suzuki GSX650F ,its got the full fairing and up right bars and its only $10,300 ride away and as easy to ride as a 250 :wink:
  5. Gee. :roll:
  6. Helpful. Thanks. Be sure not to give me your valuable input next time.
  7. If you want a bike that will last, do NOT get the hyo.

    ER6f/n are a great little bike if thats your thing, and the ergos would be great for commuting.
  8. I cannot think of any reason for buy a Hyo once you have an unrestricted license. There are much better bikes available for very similar costs and even cheaper once you add in you taxi costs whilst wait for it to be fixed.

    The hyo has a documented history of engine failures, along with brake, suspension, frame, and electrical gremlins and outright failures, that although acted upon by European and US importers has never been accepted or acted upon by hyo Global or Australia.

    It may seem cheap at first but once you own one that soon evaporates...
  9. ^I'd listen to Stigger, 'cos he *has* a Hyo and is saying this.

    The GSX650F is a great choice for around the price you're looking at.

    How heavy are you? (if you don't mind me asking) And do you ever take a pillion? I ask because there's definitely nothing wrong with sticking with a 250 - the 'compulsory upgrade' thing annoys me. Ride what works for you. But if you're a larger person (i.e. over 80 kg or so) or need to take a pillion the 250 might be limiting.

    I'll add the other piece of advice I always give - if you're only looking at keeping if for 2 years, I'd be looking at 2 year old bikes rather than brand new ones. You'll lose heaps less on depreciation and have that money to put toward your next bike. If you take that advice then there are fantastic bikes like the SV650S that become very affordable, and are far better bikes than the ones you listed.

    But, final analysis, your bike your choice. If you do stick with your list, the faired Hyo 650 is the pick of that list.
  10. that has to be the weirdest list i've ever seen....

    why would you want a ninja 250 when you're on an unrestricted licence?

    and you've got race bikes & nakeds in there too...

    what are you actually LOOKING FOR in a bike? other than something that's cheap?
  11. Alot of people bash the hyo, though if you search the Garage section for hyo 650's and then search the users posts none of them complain about them? Every bike maker is going to have a few with problems come through and how the owner uses the bike or modifies the bike will impact reliability. I'm not a fan of the hyo but I also dont like how people choose a few bad experiences and proclaim "see they are all like that!"

    The R1's and YZF600's have their fair share of issues, I've seen two Ninja 250R come back with issues the other day while I was looking at buying one. Does this mean they are shit?

    I think GS-F series are a good choice for price though I have not ridden one yet.

    My suggestion is to go out and test ride as many bikes as you can and let the bike choose you.
  12. Um, scroll up a couple, look at what stigger rides and then see what he says?
  13. Thats my point one guy states he has had issues and everyone says that proves their point.

    Using that approach I can prove that R1 and yzf600 are the crap too
  14. yeah but it seems that more people are complaining about the hyo rather than complimenting it... thats the difference

  15. Did Yamaha Europe recall every single one sold over a 3 year period of them to have their engines modified???
  16. 2nd hand suzuki sv650s. '06 model for about 8 grand with low k's. better than anything on your list by a mile
  17. Are you referencing the recall of the fuel tank CAP gasket? for 05-07 models.
    Its Valve did not breath and would stall the engine.

    At least they admit it and correct the problem and not much of a problem at that. Compare that issue to yamaha's recall of the yzfr6,



    This is just bike racisim, a few bad ones does not represent the lot. Most of the people who gutter talk them dont own one,
    dont know anyone with one and simply try to prove their point with the same handfull of people who are having problems.
    Like I said, I'm not a hyo fan.. Suzuki GSX650R is my 2cents but I'm not going to talk out my butt to convince everyone else that the other choices are bad.

    Ride them and base your decision on the experience.
  18. No I'm referencing the recall by almost all of the importers across Europe of all 650's from 04 to march 06 totalling about 5500 bikes to have their cylinder heads replaced to cure the valve failure that plagued this model.

    It's not bike racism it's the result of serious design flaws causing damage into the thousands of dollars that have not been owned up to by an dishonest manufacturer.

    As you can see I do own one and there is no shortage of owners that are less than happy. Search though this forum and others and take note of the amount of replies from owners not stepping up to the plate to support their bike...
  19. Any one who thinks Hyosung is on the same level in terms of engineering/quality as a company like Yamaha is kidding themselves. Yamaha's experience in producing precision metal components dates back to the late 19th century - Hyosung have been manufacturing for less than 30 years and much of that was just building small, cheap scooters.
    Yes they are improving but the quality of their engineering and metallurgy is still a long way from the Japanese - and the cheaper price reflects this.

    Incidentally you might have looked at the Australian recalls for Hyosung. Like this one:

    Vehicle Recall Search Results for Hyosung GV650 (June 2005 - August 2006)
    Problem: Handlebar mounting bolts may be incorrect
    Consequences: The handlebars could separate from the bike causing an accident.
    Corrective action: Hyosung dealers will fit longer bolts bonded in place.

    Gotta love a bike designed so well they can't even get the length of the bolts holding the handlebars on correct :shock:.
  20. Fair enough then, Its just that all my searches have not returned these facts that people claim. I can't find any reference to a recall for cylinder head issues.. and while some people do voice their unhappyness there was not much that seemed to be recurring faults. This suggested to me that it was just a stigma this bike has got and it would not be right to make claims of unreliability based on peoples blinkers not working or breaks not being worn in. I dont want to misslead in the same (opposite) way though.