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New Bike - Kawasaki Z750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by virtual_circuit, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Just last week i picked up a 2005 Kawasaki Z750 for a good price in good condition =p have been riding her every day so far, put about 800 kms on her this week. She is a bit heavier than my old VTR250, but the power comes on super smooth and linear. So far she has ~29,000km's on the clock.

    I took her for a ride up the old pacific highway on the weekend, and it handles good, everything is very predictable and tips in nicely into the corners. Even had her in a traffic jam the other day and the engine was sitting on 100C but could barely feel any heat coming off onto my legs.

  2. Congrats !

    Looks stock, except for braided lines.

    I've got the Z1000, black, kinda like yours.
    Havent had time to post a review yet, or even pix yet.
    Will do this weekend, hopefully. :grin:
  3. Great bike.

    One of the best and cheapest mods is changing the rear shock for one off a zx636, improves handling dramatically!
  4. Holy crap, whats with the exhaust? Spare chimney from a builders yard?
  5. Hello
    I read your comment and see all the photos. I like racing and sport bike.There are many features. Specially designed for high-performance street riding, this new-age street-fighter with knife-edged styling offers the perfect balance of engine and chassis performance.
    Kawasaki claim the development aim for the new Z Series was ‘True Street Performance’. And while both the new Z1000 and Z750 share this quality, their approaches are radically different.
    Thank you for sharing information....
  6. It doubles as a cricket bat =p
  7. Nice bike mate, was just out for dinner with the Mrs. and one rocked up with a Leo Vince can, sounded great without being too loud.
  8. Congrats mate!

    I've had mine for 4 years from new, done 50,000 k's on it, loved every minute!

    I upgraded the rear shock with a ZX636 showa shock (off schmebay in the US, shipped was about $90), and as mentioned it definitely improves the handling. The akrapovic pipe (designed for the z750) sounds awesome and adds a few hp.

    Maintenance wise it's been pretty good, only recently I've had to change front discs, clutch, etc. I also changed the bars to some renthals which makes it a bit wider, but so much more fun, it tips in really easily, feels almost like a new bike.

    Have fun on your new toy!