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New bike issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Turk, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Just picked up a ZZR 250 https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=120570 and so far it rides well but I do have a few questions.

    1. km's are 39000 so im guessing major service soon (and I just got it so might as well start fresh). Im doing oil, coolant flush, air filter, plugs, brake fluid, check chain and throttle/clutch cables +adjust. Anything I'm missing?

    2. valve clearances, im not quite sure on my confidence to do this and not even sure if it is neccessary. The bike rides very well but...

    3. the exhaust note is very rattly/tinny when you get on it hard, on the bike it sounds ok but from the outside it really sounds like shit. Im thinking muffler baffle broken or something more serious or maybe that is just how they sound.

    4. Speedo cable is snapped, Zpower in Wollongong should be able to deliver quickly enough right? Anywhere local (western Sydney) will have parts like this on the shelf or at least next day delivered? I hope I dont miss just walking down to my local repco when I need stuff.

    5. Ebay fairings for about $360 already painted. Too good to be true? If they are ok probably pick them up in a year or so (in case I drop it myself in the meantime).

    6. My visor is definately askew a little bit could this just be from being put on wrong or sun damage? The bike does not look like it has been in a bad stack everything else is 100% straight.

    Sorry for the long list, many answers were found by searching. Been working on my car/money pit for years but bikes are very new to me (and so are carbies really) but im loving it so far.
  2. 39,000k's
    Average service 5,000
    Oil + Filter standard and all else you mentioned.
    Valves should be checked at 5,000 intervals.
    Repco? Speed cable haha... Nup! Either a MC dealer/Parts shop or online your best bet.
    Z Power shoudnt take long.

    All else as you see fit. Visor(thought you were refering to your helmet for a sec), but your screen could be related to your fairing being warped aswell.
  3. haha yer I know no more 5 min repco runs. Hmm fairing warped could be possible, better check it out a bit better.

    Thanks for the tips mate, at least I know Im on the right track.
  4. That rattle could be the clutch lever vibrating when you get over about 7-8k rpms. Hold your hand on it while moving and see if the noise stops.

    It's a damn annoying sound that is common to the GPX/ZZRs. So annoying that I tend to ride with my hand on the clutch lever to stop it.

    If that is your problem apparently a well placed piece of plastic or washer fixes it.
  5. Is the problem still there?
  6. Screen is offset because when they repaired the bike from the crash/slide they didnt get the fairing bracket perfectly straight.. If you're buying the zzr fairing set from ebay, the $340 doesnt include the $195 freight.
  7. Quite sure the bike has been in a stack. Forks and frame line up perfectly though nothing is bent so it looks like it wasn't a too bad one the previous owner fixed him self and did a dodgy job :). Explains the front wheel guard that has a $5 spray can job as well. Going to take off every fairing this week to do the major service and the fork seals and hopefully put it back on straight this time.

    That rattly noise I meant comes from the exhaust. Listening to GPX 250's and ZZR250's on youtube they all sound like that (ie shit at anything under 9krpm) with the stock exhaust :).

    $500 for a full set of fairings still is pretty decent but it wont be anytime soon. No rush at the moment.