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New bike: How long from signing on dotted line to ride away is normal?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Simon Lockington, May 13, 2010.

  1. Gidday guys,
    I've not bought a brand new bike before, but was wondering what the normal timeframe is from walking into the store, seeing a brand new unregistered bike that you like on the shop floor, signing it up then riding away.

    Assuming that payment methods don't require waiting (ie payment by cash, credit card etc rather than waiting for cheques to clear, finance etc).

    Given that the shop I would imagine only has to register it, is it the kind of thing you can walk in on Saturday morning and ride out a couple of hours later?

    Or is it more the norm to go back a few days later?

    Thanks guys,
  2. Most bikes have already done a pre-sales check so you are correct. A few hours later you should be riding away. If you want any aftermarket ad on's you could be waiting a day or two.
  3. Depending on the shop and whether the bike is ready to go, yes you can.
    Large retailers like Peter Stevens can do all your rego online and instantly print out a rego lable. They can also get the insurance sorted although I'd recommend shopping around for that.
    Of course this is as long as you have the funds to pay instantly as well.
  4. I'm assuming credit card is OK for weekend transactions where the banks are closed for bank cheques etc? I'd pay by EFTPOS but I think that has a daily limit.
  5. I've never had less than a 48 hour pick up time even for in stock bikes but normally I've bought from smaller dealers.
  6. That's all fine but keep in mind that some may add extra if you use your creding card to cover their charges.....
    I suppose it all depends on the deal you've made.
  7. I've been able to increase limit for x period to y dollars, if not, just take cash out in person (they give you one of those cool bags with a dollar sign on it that you always see in the movies).

    And personally, I think asking for same day turnaround is a bit much. Would be over the moon if they could do it, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  8. pfft money talks. If your buying Stock off the floor, there should not be a problem. Mind I wouldn't expect it to happen after 11am.
  9. Get a date of delivery before you sign. The last new bike I bought the salesman didnt mension delivery dates until after I'd signed. Once I did he said "yeh, should have that to you in about 2 weeks"........WTF. I ended up just getting the crate shipped over to my shop and pre-delivered it myself.

    Moral of the story get all the details sorted before you sign. Once you've signed they've got you by the nuts.
  10. My last ride died on a friday leaving me with no wheels at all..apart from the wife's car. We went to Byrner's Suzuki near Seaford and I showed the minister for war and finance the GS500 I had been wanting. We had to finance the bike,that was approved in minutes. I went home expecting to have to pick the bike up on monday. They rang back about two hours later saying that I could ride away so long as I could make it there before closing time.
    About 3 hours in total had passed from walking in and riding away.
  11. Yeah, normally its 2.5% or there abouts. Most people should find the points they get on their credit card are technically worth more than that. I think points work out to normally 4-5%. Just with credit card, you really need to make sure you pay it back, the interest will sting.

    Mine took about 4 days, but they had to fit some accessories etc. It was then meant to be 2 weeks for the rest, but ended up being about 2 months... But thats another story.
  12. I got mine from PS in the city. Walked in at 10am and the bike was delivered by 12.30.
  13. I had to wait a day at PS Ringwood as they had to ship it from their city store.
    Was late in the day or else I would have gone into town and picked it up there and then.
  14. I have bought more than half a dozen bikes from large dealers. Delivery within the afternoon.....
  15. Will definitly have that arrangement next time to avoid that sleepless night...8-[
  16. Points are definitely not worth that much.
    You'll find they are worth roughly 1% when it comes to redeeming for "things", and about 0.7% when it comes to getting cash back. I dont get how some merchants charge 2-3% processing fee, for instance, we get charged 0.605%. Anyone else have input on that?
  17. My GS500F was paid for at lunch and delivered that afternoon.
  18. i put a deposit sight unseen 3 weeks before delivery to the dealer. but didnt sign on the dotted line till id seen it in the flesh.. then rode away 20mins later
  19. Personally, I give the dealer about a week to go over the vehicle, and for myself to be ready with the correct money and insurance cover of my choice pre-arranged.

    I've never been in such deperate need to require it on the same day, and it starts the relationship with the dealer on the right foot. That can really help in future dealings with them, such as service, spare parts, and so on.

    I think there is something to be said for pacing the transaction, rather than rushing into it and missing something important.
  20. If the bike is on the shop floor, had all the pre-delivery stuff done (unlikely unless it's a demo), and the dealer has on-line registration (most do) there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to hand over your money/EFT, organise insurance and ride out in under 2hrs.

    If the bike hasn't been pre-delivered then you may need to wait half a day or maybe the next working day. Likewise if they don't have on-line registration then you'll need to wait until they can get to the registry.

    Obviously if you have to arrange finance then this will also take time to organise and be approved.

    If the bike you specifically want isn't on the shop floor, then it's dependent on what the distributor has in stock in Australia. It's always best to get them to ring and find out this for you, while you are there.

    When I bought my B12, I wanted a blue one, but I had to wait a month. I could get a black one in 2 weeks. I bought a black one.