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New Bike - GSXR600, CBR600RR, R6 or Ducati 748

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ///M cubed, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. R6

  2. CBR600RR

    0 vote(s)
  3. GSXR600

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  4. Ducati 748

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  1. Hey guys,

    I've decided to give the trail bikes a rest for a while and jump on a proper road bike. I want to spend somewhere in the region of 13k or so (as much as I'd like to spend 30k on a MVA F4 :cool: ), and this is my shortlist at the moment. I've spoken to various store owners and other guys who have more experience with sports bikes than me but I think most of what I hear is just biased opinion. So... I thought I'd throw a poll out here on netrider to see what the wider concensus is with these 4 wicked bikes.

    I do realise that a second hand 748 will probably be a bit more than 13k, but if I have to throw in another couple of grand to get the better bike then so be it.

    If you throw up a vote can you please leave a reason or 2 for your choice.

  2. I voted for the Honda, but only because it's a Honda. Choosing between these four is going to come down to emotive, elusive factors that may not mean anything to anyone but you.

    {You will, of course, ride before you decide???}
  3. gsxr600 for the raw feel and the induction howl. You can get the new ones for around 14000 ride away.
  4. I am with hornet voted for the honda cause you can't go wrong and I wouldn't buy anything else in a road bike, but if you are thinking of the suzuki I would strongly suggest the gsx-r 750 not sure of the price difference but all reports are these bikes are great and have only heard good things more usable power than the 600 and the same frame and weight aparently just ashame about the brand or I would buy one.
  5. Interesting that there's no votes for the R6, is there something to be weary of with the yamaha's?
  6. honda for reliabilty, build quality, attention to detail and service quality.

    the new cbr60rrrrrrrrrrrr's are fantastic looking little bikes :cool:
  7. I've voted Honda as I ride one on the road (https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=26838) and race one.
    They are reliable, fast enough and the build quality is excellent.
    A close 2nd would be the R6 but only the 2006 version as it has a better riding positon (thane the 05) but that may be out of your price range.
  8. I'd go the Honda, simply because I've owned Honda's all my life and they're awesome machines. The 06 CBR600 looks spectacular, the Honda might be easier and cheaper for parts because, well, it's a Honda.

    I've never liked Suzuki's, don't know a thing about the Ducati, but I really like the look of R6's.

    My best advice would be, go to the dealerships and see what your gut tells you.
  9. Thanks for the tip about the R6.
    I'm intending on buying a new bike (unless 748, of course), so that wouldn't have been an issue for me, but still a good thing to know.

    Good deals can be found on the R6's, dealers around here have them for high 13's/low 14's. RRP is a bit over 15?
  10. my mind says CBR600RR
    my heart says Ducati !

    The sames goes to say with my current rides. :grin:
  11. Not that i know anything, i haven't been on any of the bikes, but i went for th R6 simply because i think it looks the best. I've been doing a little research myself recently, because i'm thinking one of these will be my next bike, and i'm leaning towards the R6 or the GSX from what i've found out. A road test of the 2006 yam, suzi, honda, Kwaka 636 an triumph daytona 675 i read in AMCN a few months back basically left the 5 inseperable, apart from personal brand loyalties, and slight differences which meant one had more top end, while another was slightly more comfortable etc. an still came out even overall. They went with the Suzi in the end (which seems to be a bias within the mag anyway), which is what many of my mates have said... Also, I love the stubby pipes on the R6 an the Suzis...
  12. I would say the 748 ALL the way, gotta love the V-twin rumble. Other than that I would take the Gixxer 600.
  13. that about sums it up for me
  14. .
    <--------- MMMMM Tasty!
  15. Just go with your heart.

    They are all great bikes and even if you get the one that's technically the best something better will come along next year anyway, so you may as well get the one that makes you smile the most :)
  16. They are all awesome bikes. None of them will disappoint in any way. They'll all lap quicker than you could imagine, go harder than you need and provide smiles a plenty. Ride as many as you can get test rides on and buy the bike that stirs you the most. And have fun...! :)
  17. Thanks for all the replies guys and girls.
    I guess you're all right when it comes to the emotional factor of buying a bike. Every dealer I've spoken to has told me why their bike (Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki) is leading the market and is the best to have (and why it's better than the competition).
    I'll keep you guys posted about what I find when I ride them all. Might be a good information source for other buyers seeing as the 600 market seems to be pretty popular.
  18. Maybe check out the Triumph 675 (just won bike of the year in two wheels)?
  19. The Ducati is a gorgeous machine and would ride brilliantly. It would also cost more to buy and maintain.

    The others would all be less maintenance-intensive but revvier for the power.

    I suggest you ride them all, and throw in a few you weren't considering - because the supersport bike riding position doesn't work for everyone. I'd never own one, they feel too cramped for me.

    They don't feel all that chuckable in town either, although they eat up the twisties when the speeds come up if you're comfortable on them.

    Anyway, if it was me I'd buy whichever I could find for a mega bargain second hand, hopefully with a scuff or two already on it.
  20. haha if you want a 600 go test a 750. that's what I did and look what I ended up with ... blardy awesome. lol