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new bike, gs500f!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by pottsy44, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. just bought a new bike today, a gs500f, 2006 model with 1800k's on it, blue/white, for 7k.

    now its time to do the test lol!

    and get insurance..

    and get gear.

    Q. Generally speaking is the more expensive gear a better fit? because today i was trying on rjays jackets and they were an OK fit. i then tried on alpinestar and dainese and they were just out of this world. so much better for sheer comfort. also do the jackets tend to finish high up (like just above my waist?
  2. More expensive generally just means it's more expensive. That little A* logo is worth a shitload it seems.

    Whether it's helmets or jackets, the best fitting one isnt always the best brand or even the best quality. Try 'em all on. And yeah, jackets sit high.
  3. yeah, when i was trying on jackets I was going for the ones that were a little baggy and below the waist. The sales assistant comes running up to me and explained that's not what you want, because in an event of an accident, the jacket could slide up and give you no protection.
  4. congrats on the bike :grin:
  5. I had the same choice. The other jackets felt like they were cut to fit big buff guys, not tall but skinny people. However, the A* jacket fitted so much better (but they do feel "short" when you first try them on). Plus the armour felt more rigid and i figured (probably wrongly) that a "higher quality" jacket will last me longer.

    I could easily justify the extra $300. (The poser factor i found out about after my purchase, but who cares what people think about your gear when you're sliding down the road)
  6. Really at the end of the day it is whatever feels the most comfortable & what you can afford.

    The more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better but it is each persons choice.

    Try on everything you can & then make your decision.
    Hope you find something you like.
  7. yea vi dont think ill buy dainese bc its really expensive, even though i could probably afford it.

    i think ill just go A* for jackets, gloves and boots. ive seen something good for all of these.

    just got to figure out the pants