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New bike goes to Wombeyan Caves

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Dekker, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. I've got a new bike!

    Well, actually I've had it for almost three weeks now but didn't have any decent pictures of it till yesterday. The bike had its 1000km service last Wednesday and the forecast was promising for Sunday, so I packed the camera and headed out. This was going to be just a new bike thread, but kind of ended up as a small ride report instead. Whatever, it's all just an excuse for me to show off the new wheels :).

    So here it is: the hooligan's choice, the KTM Supermoto 950. :D These are pics from when I first got it (still nice and shiny).



    I headed out at 7:45am on Sunday morning, with the intention of doing the following route:
    Crazy google maps URL

    Traffic was light and I had a clear run through the RNP.

    I love the part where you blast out of the park at Stanwell Tops and this vista opens up before you. Perfect excuse for more bike pics.


    As you would expect with the weather, I saw a number of big group rides rallying in the car parks. These guys were heading to Macquaries Pass like me, but I didn't feel like waiting around.

    I superslabbed it down to Albion Park. Getting close to the Pass now... anticipation building :)

    Ok, so I don't have any pics of the Pass itself; I was too busy riding :p. Suffice to say that the KTM ate it up. I loved this road on the gs500 but this orange beast is something else... I'm speechless. A quick stop at Robertson pie shop where it was pretty quiet, probably still too early for most riders. I met a guy who had just bought an '01 gsxr 750 for four and a half grand! Admittedly it was off ebay, and it had been thrown down the road at some point, but still looked in good shape.

    From there, I headed towards Mittagong. I just had to stop along the way to snap some of the picturesque southern countryside.
  2. I then moved onto Wombeyan Caves Road. I knew there was going to be some dirt here, but didn't know it was more than 50km of the stuff. Luckily its all nice and smooth so the suspension didn't cop a hammering when I left it on its road settings.

    There's a nice tunnel and some spectacular scenery along the way as well.




    There are a lot of single lane blind corners, and with the number of 4wds around there it really pays to heed the signs advising to honk your horn on approach. The surface is a quite hardpacked, with an irregular cover of fine gravel. No nasty big rocks to punch holes in the radiator/exhaust. When riding on the hardpack, traction is good, but the gravel can get a bit dicy. At a couple of points I gave the bike too much lean and had both wheels slide out on me a bit... that got the heart rate up! I gave myself a stern lecture and reminded myself how much I paid for the bike. That didn't stop me from trying to perfect my powerslides though >:) great fun.

    The ride north to Oberon would have been quite fun as well... if I wasn't absolutely freezing. I had to stop a couple of times just to thaw out a bit. Anyone else get a weird semi-detached feeling when riding in cold conditions, kind of like riding on auto-pilot? I spent an hour in Oberon in front of the heater at the Tourist Hotel; lunch was a delicous (and filling) chicken parmy.

    I then headed up to Lithgow, with a slight detour for Hassans Walls lookout, which was more dirt road. It's certainly an impressive view.

    No guard rails here.

    There were some young fellas hooning around on dirt bikes up there, one of whom challenged me to a race. I didn't take the bait (mainly because he would of thrashed me), but did oblige them with a demonstration of the KTM's tail-out ability after calls for "give it heaps!"

    The push home along Bell's Line was done at a brisk pace. I followed a guy on an MV Augusta for the last portion, I don't suppose it's anyone from these forums? Back in Sydney, and walked in the door at home at 5:20pm... Google map's estimate was surprisingly accurate, although I don't think it takes into account rest stops :). I was tired, but not as much as I expected to be; this bike really isn't bad for long distances. It's certainly a lot more comfortable than the gs was.

    Anyway, that's it! I expect everyone's oranged out by now.
  3. Excellent report...and congratulations! I think I might do that ride next week and as your new steed is hopefully my next... :)
  4. Good report, top pics and great looking bike :cool:

    Have done those roads before - but not in one day - nice loop and a good cross section of surfaces to cover
  5. Great ride/new bike report. What's the use of being in a motorcycle forum if you can't skite about a new bike :LOL:???

    But riding to Oberon at this time of the year is a 'courageous decision' :).
  6. great report and great bike bro...
    and i've heard that road to the wombeyans is a bit dangerous with the blind spots...
    thanks for the info...keep it up
  7. Well done on picking a great bike!

    You realsie that you've orange blood running through your veins now and you won't be able to get rid of it? :grin: But that's coming from the owner of 2 KTMs.

    Good ride report.

  8. Thanks guys! I can see how this whole KTM thing could become a bit of an addiction. :grin:

    And I definitely will remember to wear more than a T-shirt under my jacket next time I head out Oberon way. :oops: :LOL:
  9. Fantastic write-up Dekker! Congrat's on the awesome new bike. :grin: