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New bike from Sydney Motorcycle Show?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by speedkick, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. Just got my L's so seriously weighing up choices/budget on a new bike (CBR300R or Ninja 300) and where to make my purchase.

    Has anyone bought a bike from one of these trade shows?

    Is it worth waiting for the show (20th Nov) to see if I can get deals on the bike?
  2. From memory, I don't think you can actually buy a bike at the show, but you may well be able to negotiate with a dealer for a show price and do the rest of the business at his or her location after the show.
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  3. Partner just bought a CB300FA, so the more upright version but same engine etc. I have to say sadly at this stage I don't recommend it for learners. The main thing being I find the combination of single cylinder and fuel injection to be incredibly "snatchy" to ride slowly which is a learner rider's main task. To roll from throttle off to throttle on smoothly is more difficult on this than any of my non-LAMS bikes. Makes it heard to learn to U-turns, figure 8s and slalom etc. She's pretty much given up on it.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's a brilliant bike, there is nothing "wrong" with it per se and it's very capable for its size, but that first 10% of throttle just badly needs to be toned down a lot. Out on the open road I quite enjoy riding it, but after just 33 years of riding I find a U-turn on her bike more difficult than a U-turn on either my Tiger or ZX-14R.

    I've never ridden a Ninja 300, so I can't do a comparison between the two. I don't mean to demean the CB300, I am just surprised the throttle is not sorted.
  4. Ninja 300 is very easy to ride and no throttle issues, but I'd recommend you go and try all of thee ones you're interested in for yourself. When you've worked out which you want, then go looking for price. And as an L bike, have you considered used? Some used bikes have very low km an are still under warranty, and still costs a lot less than new. Or get an older one out of warranty which will be a lot cheaper. Things to ponder....
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  5. thanks for the fast responses!

    Hornet, I think I'll drop the dealers a leading email asking them if they will be attending the show :)

    Teef, I looked at the CB300FA as well but couldn't confirm it was on the RMS (NSW) LAMS list. The PDF on their website doesn't include it, a little confusing when every advert/website says it is LAMS approved - with the exception of the RMS.

    Chillibutton, I have considered maybe a Ex-Demo bike (if I can find one) but I like the "thought" of a new bike to be my first. I'm leaning slightly toward the Ninja 300 after some reviews of both bikes, I may have to do some M2 commuting and think the extra few kws will be beneficial.
  6. Search hard and you'll eventually find a used Ninja 300 with low kms for around 4-4.5k.

    Very easy bike to ride. I have one and have been very happy with it so far. Got mine for $4.6K with a full yoshi exhaust and a bunch of aftermarket stuff.
  7. Interesting concept, the QLD list mentions it separately from the CBR300 no problem. Also when I run a rego check on its rego number it comes up as LAMS approved - Yes. It is exactly the same bike as the CBR300. I'll have to make sure she never gets to riding in in NSW if she goes back to it!

    I think in the modern era that sales at shows are not as discounted as they used to be. The show conveners charge the dealers big money to be there, and they get a little precious about discounts these days. Make sure you have done all your homework before you go so you don't get shafted.
  8. Just to add my thoughts on the CB300FA. I bought this bike new about a month ago and have now almost 1,000kms on the clock. First gear, where the bulk of slow riding is done, is fine on my bike, no throttle snatching at all, is easy to ride the clutch and drag rear brake. The same couldn't be said for 2nd gear, which was very touchy when new. After close to 1,000kms on it, this has totally disappeared. It has now become very smooth and not an issue at all. I assumed that being a brand new bike, it just needed "riding in", and I think I was right. It's a perfect bike for me (newly licensed rider commuting in Brisbane).
    teef, I would suggest you either ride the bike more, to break it in (assuming it's new) or take it to your preferred mechanic to check it out. It's certainly not right for that bike (in my experience).
    As far as buying bike from shows, I highly doubt you can get a signed contract done on the show floor. However, you could definitely get some dealer contacts.
    I'm also flying down from Brisbane to have a look at the Sydney Show, since there is nothing of the sort up here. I'm not looking to buy though.
  9. OK, good call, it's only done 400klms still. I might ask her if she wants me to run it up to 1000klms and if the problem is still there we can ask the dealer about it. I just figured that's "how it was"

    Apart from that it is honestly a brilliant little bike.

    Did you get the recall notice for the starter solenoid?
  10. Yeah, I did get the recall. The dealer did the necessary checks and fixes before I picked up the bike.
    I agree, it is a brilliant little bike (I may be biased though ;)). It gets me up to 100 (and usually more) easily on the Gateway every day and is great in traffic. Gas mileage is phenomenal, I get 300+ kms per tank, which is 13l (and it's only going to get better as it breaks in more).

    So weird that it's not on the RMS LAMS list. As teef said, it's definitely LAMS approved in QLD.
  11. I reckon it takes a while for these lists to get updated. I'd imagine they would be like all govt dept's with documents and wouldn't simply update the list every time a manufacturer submitted another bike, rather they do bulk updates monthly or quarterly.
  12. But this bike has been available since August 2014 (2 months after the CBR300R)! Surely Govt Depts don't move that slow (OK, who am I kidding, of course they do).
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    I'm not sure, but I do remember the list being quite old when I was on LAMS bikes.

    EDIT: Case in point: see attached screenshot. Eg CRF450X, only 2005-2008 models are 'approved' but the bike is still sold new... go figure?

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  15. don't think you can buy anything at the show...

    regarding the throttle on the 300, it should not give issues. Are the cables set properly? Also "proper clutching" is important - make sure she knows that too (my missus had the same issues -understanding how to use the clutch but she gets it now)
  16. There will be representatives from the bike stores there so you should be able to get quotes and/or strike up a deal of some sort.

    But prior to that, there will be ample opportunity to sit on all sorts of bikes, check out the Ducati girls and take pics with them. ;)

    If you haven't bought gear, check out the gear stalls, helmets, boots etc. You're bound to get some discounts on these items. Again, grab the store details and visit them later if there are any fitting issues.

    Check out the insurance stalls as well. Swann is always there so talk to these guys in person.

    It will be a full on day so arrive early.

    Have fun. :)
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  17. Personally I'd try waitingfor the new CB250RR or whatever they will call it, if you want a CB300. But then, I'm never patient so, I'd probably buy a used model so I can take it home straight away! Don't forget to check out the Benelli BN302.
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  18. Look for a Ninja 300 mate. Heaps on the market so you can negotiate with lots of sellers. I sold mine recently for 3.7k. Was on a higher end of kms (16k) so shop around as they are brilliant bikes for beginners.
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