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New bike for Seany!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Seany, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. Let me start by saying I have the worlds cheeziest grin right now.

    After spending all of Monday and all of yesterday riding from one dealer to the next in Melb I couln't find a singe bike I would actually bother to buy. I had hoped to spend up to $2500 with trade in and find something reasonable but the best I could find was a damaged XJ that ran like shit.

    Well, today I went to Bendigo. 1999 model Kwaka ER-5 for 5 grand. Test ride was sensational (especially having spent the 2hr trip up on the C8), 30,000ks, lots of um's and arr's from the dealer and myself to reach an agreement at 3 grand and the CB to ride away. :D :D :D

    I get to pick it up at Friday lunchtime so I can bring it back for coffee night. :D The only problem is, what the hell do I do till Friday!!!? :? I want it now. :cry:
  2. Dont waitin suck :!:
    Large amounts of alcohol worked for me, how ever you do want to be sobber by friday :?:
    So maybe negative thoughts may help like have I brought a lemon, will it get me home?? :LOL: :LOL: :shock:
  3. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: not funny. :? :LOL:
  4. good onya mate, congrats..
  5. Congratulations Seany, look forward to seeing it on Friday :D
  6. Onya Seany, I've never seen one of those bikes, will be interesting to see on Friday :)
  7. Really? I couldn't stop sitting on it at the Expo. :D After sooooooo looooong on a CB 2fiddy, it just felt good. Test ride felt great!

    Oh yeah, and it's a red one! :D
  8. congrats on the bike :)
  9. Yer, congrats on the bike AND on negotiating a good deal, that always makes you feel even better, doesn't it?

    Hope you and the Kaw have lots of happy miles together.
  10. Congratulations!

    I know 2 people who chose ER-5's as their learner bike (LAMS), and they've been really happy with them.

  11. Nup. It's fcuking beautiful. This time, truely I am in love. :D

    Shit it's a lot faster than my last Kwacka :shock: :twisted:
  12. Congrats Seany you will love the bigger bike esoecially on the run home you will notice a huge difference especially highway cruising.
    See if you can get yourself a flyscreen or a mini headlight fairing to make your ride a bit more comfortable as it will make a huge difference.
    This is the naked model right?
  13. Yes mate it's naked. I was thinking on the ride home a little windscreen might be nice but it sits so beautifully stable even when windy that compared to the CB it's a bloddy dream. Yeah, much better for hwy cruising too! :D :D :D I love the thing. Couldn't have spent my savings better if I tried. 8)

    BTW I was only having a laugh in the perfume thread. Hope I didn't offend. [-o<

    You'll see what I mean when you read it. 8) :LOL:
  14. that perfume thread is a cracker! :LOL:
  15. yeah, I thought it was appropriate. :D
  16. Congrats....

    Cheers and many happy kms :D
  17. Dayam, I have missed this whole thread till now :(
    Didn't get to see the new toy last night either :(
    Seany, are you coming to the BBQ today? Would be great to check out your new baby :D
  18. congrats on the new bike.

    I bet you don't miss cleaning those white wheels :D