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New bike for older rider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by koalashit, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. My BMW R1100R is a terrific bike, a joy on long rides, comfortable, reliable and solid.
    However, in city traffic it does not perform so well where it can be heavy and slow which got me thinking of buying a new ride. Have been reading the reviews, tyre kicking and keeping my eyes peeled so now I am after suggestions. What bikes should be on my short list? Many I have looked at weigh a ton eg Triumpth Thunderbird LT 380kg (wtf).

    My requirements:
    Bike must be suitable for long trips where it can carry me in comfort and luggage.
    Well made and reliable (I am no mechanic and flaws should not be passed off as character)
    Uprightish riding position (did I mention I am getting older)

    Like to read your suggestions as I search for that elusive beast - the perfect bike for me!
  2. I'm chronically biased but I'd suggest a Honda VFR of some version, it's pretty much the Swiss-Army knife of motorcycles
  3. Ninja 1000
  4. Would an F 800 GT be too small? Nice bike with all the bells and whistles, and similar switching from the same brand for you.
  5. The Honda VFR and BMW F800 are both on my test ride list.
    Will begin to visit all the dealers and have some test rides once the days get some sun and it stops being bloody freezing!
    Thanks to those who have posted suggestions - I am appreciating the input.
  6. Hmm, if you're after light weight + upright riding position, I'm thinking a Yam MT-09 may be right up your alley.
  7. Sure is! :finger:

    Dunno if this might work for you, but my system is to keep my R850R, and have a small, but still fun, bike....and a wee scooter, too.

    At one stage, I had a Triumph Street Triple beside my BMW.

    It was a wonderful hooligan bike, complemented the beemer well, and I really liked it, but, it's gone to a new home while the BMW is still in my garage.

    To be honest, I don't think there are any motorbikes that are perfect for all sorts of uses, but, if I could only have one bike, I'd still keep the BMW R850R, or replace it with a similar Roadster.
  8. Id say the 2014 Kawasaki Z1000 should definitely be on your short list. I've ridden an R1 for 7yrs & taking the Z1000 for a test ride has definitely made me consider switching over. It's 225kgs (wet weight + full tank) but quite eassy to ride in slow traffic & the brakes are even better than those on the R1.
    Only thing this bike needs is a fender eliminator at the back.

  9. I've owned a z1000 and loved it. seeing as the OP mentioned luggage on his list (and not wheelies) i figured its brother ninja 1000 that u can get luggage boxes and big screen for might suit him better.
    Dam I miss my z though
  10. Easy answer - There is only ONE bike for us old fellas that want a do it all beast that can also cover the touring miles - 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS
  11. I often ride with some old farts who seem to like Yamaha FJR, BMW R1200RT or BMW 1600GTs :D

    Actually the urge for me to buy a FJR is getting pretty strong.....
  12. 2014 ninja 1000, LIGHT, sporty, adjustable screen, great easy remove panniers, adjust power, abs, traction control, comfortable riding position.
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  13. I just changed from an R1100RT to an R1200RT and loving it. 60Kgs lighter, 40% more power and over 550Kms to a 27L tank of fuel. I got this '07 ex cop bike with 70K Kms on the clock for $5500 so cheap ones are out there.
  14. Consider the "Holden Kingswood of modern motorcycles" 1250 Suzi Bandit. After having one for a year and a half, its a pretty good all rounder. Can be made to fit almost anyone. Goes and stops well, is surprisingly economical, very smooth, torquey engine - useable power from under 2K People who ride them hard like to firm up the suspension a bit. I think it's fine. (old) For those who like to meddle, there is a lot more power available for not a lot of trouble, and there is no shortage of knowledge about it, if that is your thing. The headlights are something that lots of owners upgrade though if they ride out on the road after dark.