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:) new bike for me!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kyan, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. I am now the super-proud owner of a 2002 Suzuki SV650 which is my first bike.



  2. Very nice :wink:

  3. Everyone's buying SV650's!

    *buys shares in Suzuki Australia*

    Nice one, dude. Black looks tops.
    Is the little windscreen standard?

    *** everyone should also take note: this new bike thread contains photos = it isn't a worthless waste of server space ;) ***
  4. Congrats, looks very nice.


  5. I think it is an aftermarket product. Not sure if it is made by Suzuki or not...
  6. Nice bike...might be rude but mind if I ask how much? I'm looking for one similar.... and yes I have looked up plenty of *similar* advertised bikes, I'm just curious.
  7. that was the same model i first test rode, in which i feel in love with the twin's

    Great model am sure you will have a blast on it.

    Cheers stewy
  8. Whats with the carton of bottled water, assuming that's what it is (for some reason, I love looking in the background of these sort of photos)?

    Oh, and nice bike :).

  9. Carton of bottled water.. ahhahahaha

    The bike is actually at my father in law's at the moment and a couple of weeks ago he started getting gout. so he has decided to drink one heavy, 1 light, 1 heavy, 1 light and so on with the logic being that the light will 'flush' his system out! Hence the carton of light in the background....
  10. I paid $5700 on-road from a dealer. Bike has 50,000km on it but is in super good condition including new rubber, full service history with receipts every 5000km. Bike is pretty standard, previous owner has added the windscreen and oggy knobs.

    Feel free to tell me what a great deal I got. If you think I paid too much then feel free to keep your mouth (fingers) shut. ;)
  11. OP has a saw collection too :grin:
    Nice bike and the best colour. (is black a colour or a shade?)
    The important thing is that you feel you got a good deal.
  12. Black is the absence of colour or shade :p but all the uneducated call it a colour.

    Nice bike Kyan, and as for the brew, as long as it's tasmanian it should flush his system fine! We at least have the clean water to begin with :p
  13. it's black
  14. This is a nice looking bike you got mate!

    I must say these "new bike" threads sure make a welcome change to the "crash" threads. Even though I had one in August...... :wink:
  15. Very nice mate.Enjoy,there's nothing like a new toy.That is the cleanest garage floor I've ever seen :shock:
  16. Not bad for a first-up bike

  17. great taste you have there!!

    got to love the twins

  18. Sounds like a good deal...especially from a dealer... congrats! Exactly the kinda thing I'm chasing... the ol' 250 is getting a bit annoying on the commute.
  19. Very nice bike. I'll be looking for something like this when i get off the restrictions :)

  20. winscreen isn't standard... NATIONAL CYCLES FLYSCREEN LS. retails for about $250.