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new bike for an old bag

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by heathermac, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. After riding on the back of the "bird" for a couple of mths and doing a few runs on the twisties with 'deadman" AND SURVIVING!!!! because, of course, he's a brillant rider and teacher, lol!! decided it was time to bite the bullet and fill my long time dream of riding my own bike. At 60, time is getting shorter to get "out there". much to the disgust of my adult kids, who promptly reminded me that I had said to them many years ago, your not getting a bike licence. After 3 dam attempts to get the licence, then came the Hyosung Aquila 250, which is great for me to handle, I know, cause I dropped it in the front yard and managed to pick it up myself, yah!! Of course, then I had to get on it and learn to ride the dam thing, I soon learnt it's harder than it looks. been driving the car for 40 years and don't even think about it, not so on the bike, all new thinking, which for an old bag takes a lot of brain power. i've had the luxury of having a very experienced rider tag me in all conditions and pick me up on my mistakes, and encourage me along. could go on and on with the stories after only 8 weeks and 600 kms but the thing I'm excited about the most is today I did my own adventure, on my own, a 10 minute ride, to the HAIRDRESSER, just to get home with HELMET HAIR, and 90 bucks poorer, but a little more experience under my belt, and not for the bike to become another "flower pot" in the yard.
    loving every minute of it and enjoying the challenge

  2. Great stuff, good to see ya having a go.
  3. Hi Heather, great to read your story! I started riding fairly late too (at 50) but it was well and truely worth it, even through the helmet hair!
  4. Hey Heather, great to hear you giving it a go, never too late to start in my opinion. Enjoy :)
  5. Woohoooo!!!!.... Good for you. I hope you have many happy years of safe riding =D>

    Pfft!!... Kids know nowt!! ...even if they are adult ones!!...:D
  6. Good onya, Heather.
    You seem to be going about it the right way.
    And sure, you are a newbie on the bike, and rightly careful but I reckon 40 years of being in traffic would mean you have some road sense. More than an 18yo learner.
    Ride safe.
  7. Hi Heather,


    Thought it was part of the job description for parents to set examples for their kids ... I think you're setting a mighty fine one in stepping up to embrace this new challenge. (y)

    hmmm, flowerpots, that might be a good way to put to use a couple of 2nd-hand helmets I inherited & haven't figured out what to do with yet.

    Welcome to Netrider & enjoy! :grin:
  8. WOW, what can I say.
    First. I have to teach her to be a pillion, Total novice. Had some good moments, swinging an arm or leg about while on a bike is taboo. Sitting up in corners or leaning in too much, scary,
    We ran wide a couple of times. 5000 klms later,as a pillion, guess who goes to sleep on the back of the Bird now.
    Heather got her licence and her new, (secondhand) Hyosung 250 cruiser. After a short time in the council car park, this is no good, she needs to be on the road and learning.
    A couple of short trips and then off to Phillip Island and it bucketed down, got drowned coming home, Her glasses are Kaput at night. so she had to follow my tail light all the way home in the dark and the Dande Ranges. She has learned to put her trust and her life in my hands, I am on the Bird, but I am riding her bike for her as well. she maintains the same distance behind me and I will ride at her pace for her. Dont look at any thing else but my tail light. Gets us both home safely. I had to park my Bird in Belgrave and run over and help her get started at the roundabout, she could not do a footbrake start on the hill. The bloke in the car behind must have been laughing his head off, so far we have been to Noojee, Tallarook X 2. and Phillip Island, Heathers a jinx, it buckets down on the way home, every time we go out, Cant wait for the warm weather to get here.
    Came home through the slide (Melba Hwy) rain and dark at 50 k's per hour. String of cars behind us.
    I call her bike the flower pot because it sits there when she isnt riding it.
    But she is getting out on it by herself now,
    Congrates Heather, Enjoy your new found freedom.
  9. Welcome aboard Heather.

    It sounds like you've had a great introduction to riding..... And it is NEVER to late to start!!
  10. Great stuff Heather ! Welcome to Netrider and many safe and memorable riding adventures to you :)
  11. everybody starts somewhere, and rain and dark night rides are part of the whole experience; maybe you might solo up to Jindabyne next year?????
  12. Hi and welcome Heather.

    Congratulations on making the leap from the bird onto a bike of your own. Will look forward to catching up on some rides with you once you get rid of that rain-bringer jinx.
  13. thanks to everyone who commented on my "new adventure" and especially for the encouragement with this huge challenge for me.
    what a " back up" with "deadman"
    everytime I go out on my own, which i've now done 3 times, I use something he's pointed out or told me that's improving my ride.
    Went out yesterday to Wandin, Seville and thru Lilydale to home without getting the "jitter bugs" first, and actually couldn't wait to get on it and take off.
    really need to improve on the "finer movements" such as tight turns, small spaces, guess that comes with "bum on seat" more.
    have a good week everyone, stay safe and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!! H