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New bike for a short-ass dude on his Ls

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by willdayble, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. G'day, I just got my learners and I'm looking to get a bike.

    Thing is, I'm 5'4 (not much in the legs department here). I weigh about 65kg or so. I am a short dude.

    I had my eye on a Honda Rebel 250, but that fell through (it was old and crap and needed to much fixing up). I could fit on that alright, both feet flat on the ground kinda thing.

    So I guess I could go for something a bit taller, but I'm guessing a cruiser is going to be the way to go, specially as I'm on my Ls.

    I have a bit of cash to throw around, so something with resale value would be just as good as a cheapo for me.

    Thanks in advance guys, great forum. :)
  2. Oh, I particularly like the look of naked bikes and similar. Got nothing against it having a bit of grunt too (within the confines of Ls)...
  3. i would go Vstar XVS650
  4. TW200.

    Or a scooter.
  5. Thanks kingy, googling...

    I must admit I like stuff that isn't too showy, simple is best.
  6. ta MV, TW200 looks okay, possibly a bit too dirt-bike-ish for me (unless I fail at googling)...

    Also bugger a scooter. :D
  7. Ducati Monsters are quite short, and can be lowered further than standard if necessary by using either a different seat, or adding a suspension adjuster if you need it to be more than an inch or so lower.
  8. woah, so, I am total bike newbie, but a 'Ducati Monster' sounds a bit grunty. Is that within the whole LAMS thing?
  9. 400 and 620 (lite?) are lams
  10. crap, I just googled, and so you're right. Thanks robbie55.

    That's a reasonably sexy bike. :|
  11. Yeah not sure on the seat height and width though - I think they should be OK, do you know what seat height you are after? (although the width and cut of the seat can effect how much of your feet actually touch the ground) but good to have a starting point.
  12. x2 forgot about them =D>
  13. Okay yeah they're pretty damn hot by the looks. Haha!

    Being sensible though... as a newbie rider, is it utterly stupid for me to be going and getting a 400 or 600? I've heard I should be keeping it around the 250 mark to be safe...

    I'm going to guess I can go check out something similar at the bike shop and see if it fits... But I have no idea re. width and height to be honest. I have short legs.
  14. You are the same hieght as my wife. She quite comfortably touches the ground on her M750 (similar seat hieght to a VTR250, m620lite).

    I realise you are a learner, but if you are confident enough and/or the bike is light enough being on the balls of your feet shouldn't be a problem so you could possibly try a GS500, ER500. A GSX650FL or similar maybe too tall.

    If cruisers are your thing than basically your laughing, depending on the reach to the pegs.

    Basically you just need to visit some bike shops and sit on different bikes and make up your mind from there.
  15. This bit sounds like the soundest advice in this thread so far. Thanks heaps. :)

    I must admit the Ducati looks hella sexy, despite not being at all the kinda bike I was looking at in the first place. hah.
  16. 8-[ Gs500
  17. Have a look for a decent Suzuki GSF250V. The seat is a bit higher than with a cruiser but since it's located well behind the engine, fuel tank and airbox it is low compared with other bikes (and lower than on the Monster).

    Being a 4-cylinder means that although it may be 250cc it still has a reasonable amount of power - you just need a lot of revs to get it (which can be more fun than a larger engine). Look after it, and spend a little money fixing whatever it might need doing, and there's a good chance you'll lose nothing or even gain on resale.
  18. thanks for the advice jd, I will check it out. I must admit I have no idea about how cylinders change the feel of a bike... good to know.

    The Gs500 looks really nice... still looks reasonably tall, no?
  19. I'm a similar height and weight so I'll recommend my first bike, GPX250.