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New Bike First Service

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Voltran, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Yes, absolutely, that's a cutting edge service that you can't do with simple garage equipment

  2. No, Do it Yourself and spend that extra money to buy front and rear stands...

  3. No, Do it with a third party service

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  4. No, Do it with a local motorcycle repairman

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  1. Guys, i bought a new Honda CBR 300RA and finished 1200km now. I have been advised to take it back to the dealer i bought to do it's first service. But, my friends are mocking with me. One of them, he said that "all they will do is to change the oil of the engine, that's all ! It's a brand new bike, they won't do anything anymore". He is advising me to change the oil of the engine by myself.

    What do you say ? Do you trust the services in Melbourne ? Do they really do their job as expected ? I'm asking these, because i had another friend who is collecting old motorcycles and fixing them to sell to others. Once he was trying to show me how to oil the chains, he used a lithium based grease from bunnings and he said that literally there is no need to buy those expensive oils to use on motorcycle chains. But when i check the manual, and web, i see tat using correct SAE graded oil is very important to expand the life for the chains and sprockets. So he was also saying that you can go 8.000-10.000 km more with this oil grease.

    It was interesting because as far as i know i have to oil my chains in every 300 to 500 km. So let's chop this mysterious issue and give a final answer. What exactly does Honda Service do at the first service of a brand new CBR 300RA. All the procedures ?

    Does anyone have that kind of a guide or knowledge ? If i can access to this information, then we can evaluate if we should take it to a service or not.
  2. If you want the warranty to be valid it has to be serviced by a qualified person (as far as I'm aware).
    That doesn't have to be the original dealer.
    Unless you dislike the original dealer it's probably worth taking it back there, they'll check the bike over as well as doing the oil change.
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  3. Being a noob to all this myself, but even though I'm quite handy with the spanners, I will be taking my CBR back to Honda for it's first and all log book services. I could do the servicing myself but because of the warranty issue I will need the stamps in the 'book'
    I do realise that any qualified motorbike mechanic can do the work and stamp the book but how much are you going to save by going to an independent mechanic?

    the owners handbook lists all the items that need to be done on the various services.

    BTW I voted yes even though any motorbike mechanic or most DIY mechanics will have the tools/ equipment required.
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  4. for the first service Id be taking it back to the dealer
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  5. As others have said, I would take the bike back to the said dealer for the first service.

    Make sure what's involved in it and check against the invoice that it's been done.
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  6. #6 GreyBM, Jan 28, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2016
    Many dealers do a crap job and you may be better off doing simple services yourself. But on a new bike, if you don't get it serviced by a qualified mechanic, you may void the warrantee. This means that if something goes wrong with the bike later, you have given them an out, even if it's nothing to do with what you did.

    Get it serviced by a qualified mechanic.
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  7. I took my Z back to Kawasaki for its first service, and I'll never do that again. Wasn't happy with the way it was returned to me, so next time I'll get a trusted mechanic I know to do it as per the log book.
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  8. I've had personal experience with A1 Motorcycles in Ringwood and they've been pretty good.

    And they are authorised Honda dealers so you could potentially organise the service there.

    Where abouts in Melbourne are you from?
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  9. You only need to go to a qualified mechanic. You don't need to go back to a Honda dealer.
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  10. I live in Preston @Lazy Libran . Do you guys know a qualified mechanic who does it all according the book and lets motorcycle owners to grab a tool to help them while they are fixing it ? ( It could be annoying for them, but just wanted to watch and see what they are doing with my love )

    Lazy LibranLazy Libran i will call A1 Motorcycles to see what they are charging, i just want to hear a quotation before taking it to Peter Stevens.

    Btw generally how long does it take to do a first service for brand new motorcycles ? Any idea ?
  11. I am only guessing but suspect a first service will be an oil change and a quick look over to make sure there is nothing obvious that has come loose or fallen off. Your owner's handbook may tell you exactly what is involved. There is probably not too much for them to stuff up.

    I also suspect most mechanics won't want you breathing over their shoulders, they may even have a policy of banning customers from work areas on safety grounds.
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  12. As GreyBM said, Peter Stevens, A1 and all other dealers will not allow customers in their servicing area. Only the staff are allowed..

    So basically if you book the service in, you can pick up the bike the same day or even within a few Hours (as in lunch time etc) depending on how they operate.

    NR have bike sessions every now and then so keep an eye for those posts where you can learn to do simple things with the bike.
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  13. This comes to mind mechanic.
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