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New bike - first maintenance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dan, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. I have had my new R6 and done about 150kms on it, I'm about to dump the oil to get rid of some of the garbage that has got polished off inside the engine.

    Apart from oil, is there anything else I should check on a brand new bike? (apart from fluid levels/tyre pressure)

    and if your wondering, since we were split on the decision of how to run in a bike (hard vs easy), I have taken the easy option, mainly so I don't crash it. :LOL:
  2. Make sure it's mineral oil your using and not synthetic. Change it again at 500km.
  3. Not so much now but for down the track it's also a good idea to check the brake pads every couple of weeks to see that they've still got enough surface. Is bad if you forget about it then start getting the ol' metal on metal contact on your disks. Chain lube is another obvious thing, try to use the stuff that coats your chain and keeps it extra water-proof.
  4. I actually noticed today in the Service & Warranty book (not the owners or service manual) that it states (for all yamaha bikes & atvs) NOT to change the factory oil in the first 1000kms... I wonder why they'd say that?
  5. It takes longer than 1000km's for a motor to fully "bed in". During that time, as you quite correctly stated, the engine will actually wear quite a lot as the metls surfaces that are brand new get used to each other.

    The oil, as you said, is designed to prevent abrasive contact, but also to suspend and carry away the minute particles of metal that are liberated during this process.

    Changing the oil before the process is complete will only mean that you have to do it again in another 500kms or so and dump another expensive 5 litres of oil.

    I suspect that the "factory oil" will actually be a little "heavier" than what you are supposed to use once the bike is run in, for exactly this purpose.
  6. An oil-change after 150km ??
    Normally 1000-1500km (from new), then at 6000km again (other brands like Trumpy/ BMW have longer intervalls)
  7. 150km's!?! :eek: you've had the r6 for weeks, what are you doing riding it around the block once a night and then putting it back in its display case? :p

    go ride that sexy beast, the tyres must be starting to perish with the little use its gotten :wink:
  8. Read the DATE of the original post
  9. dunno about u guys but i've read and heard around the traps that after about 20 k's or twenty minutes ya should drop the oil cause there will be a fair bit of metal filings floating around, with the bikes i've owned i followed the manufacturers recomedations and then change everything once a month after the run in period even if haven't riiden it for a while cause i only have 1 bike
  10. foiled again. stupid resurrected threats. ](*,)
  11. don't you just HATE that??????
  12. when ever I run a new engine in I'll get the service dep do do the first oil change after 1/2 of the recomended time... and than again at the recomended time (usualy 1000km the big service where they tighten up every thing)...