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New bike FINALLY! CB400

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rushne, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    After writing off my CBF250. See https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=65409 for details on that :roll:

    Yesterday I finally picked up a brank spanking new CB400!

    The bike is so so so much better than the cbf. It sounds like a real bike for one.. rather than an asmatic lawnmower.

    The suspension is fantastic as well. Bumps won't unsettle it during cornering, which is great.

    The brakes don't feel wooden and pull up the bike nicely.

    Finally... the power is smoother and so much more of it :)

    Only question I have is when moving the bike while off, I can hear the brake pads on the front wheel skimming on the disc/s. Is this normal until they bed/ wear in a bit?

    And so I don't get any posts saying.. :worthlesspics:


  2. She's a beauty mate! Congratulations! Not too sure about the brake noise though, sorry.
  3. Gorgeous looking bike mate ! Very nice.
    Congrats and here's to many enjoyable adventures ahead :)
  4. Yes, the brake noise is normal...happens on most bikes regardless of type or k's on the clock..Don't swet it. :)
  5. Sure its not more of a squeaking coming from the axle bearing on the front?

    Nice bike.
  6. Sweet lookig bike, that. Mind you, it will be a bear trying to keep it clean!! :shock:

    As for the brake noise, don't worry. They all do it, it's probably just that the motor and mechanical noise is much quieter than what you're used to.
  7. Congrats mate !!
    Nice looking bike.
    +1 on the brake noise, no biggy.
    If it bothers you, remove the pads, scuff em up and chamfer the edges.
  8. Lovely. :) There's a new one around here in red white and blue with a pipe of some sort and it sounds much bigger than a 400.
    Brake noise is normal. You may even hear one click when you're wheeling it backwards too but all is good.
  9. Our CB400 has a bit of brake noise as well - from the rear though, not the front. It doesn't seem to bother the bike at all. I only really notice it when I'm lubing the chain.

    They are a sweet bike though, aren't they? We've been very happy with ours.
  10. Thats a sweet looking bike there Rushne - what did it set you back ?
  11. Thanks for the kind comments and the advice about the brakes :)

    The little freedom machine cost me a bit at $10.5k but worth every cent as i love it :)
  12. Awesome that's great to hear. Word has it the CB400 is a mad bike. Have not read a bad review about it yet. Shame those b@stard dealers never called me back about my request for a test ride? Maybe they knew I was wasting their time :LOL: ...
  13. Nice bike those CB 400s, I test road one when they first came out, great bike. A bit more exxy than the GS500 but a hell of a lot nicer. Enjoy!
  14. Congrats mate, enjoy.

    Does yours have ABS ?

  15. They look fcuking great I reckon. Nice one!!

    And it's okay - it's easier to keep white clean than black
    :evil: :grin:
  16. What Morbo28 said ;)
  17. Bloody oath..... black is a pain to keep clean :)
  18. Nice bike mate - congrats
  19. Nice bike! Pity we don't have them here.
  20. Saw a red and white one at the H.A.R.T. course in somerton this weekend, tidy looking machine!!