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New bike, few servicing questions

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by gus_man, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Hey guys I just picked up my new bike, a CBR250RR. Im stoked with it but have a few questions. The previous owner had the bike for 8 years and had full service history but told me for the last year or so it hasn't been used much and needs a service. Now ive checked the oil and it seems pretty new still but its everything else that concerns me. It seems a big laggy on the throttle so im thinking carbs need to be done for sure. What I really want to know is if you were in my situation what would you be looking to get done to the bike?
    I'm pretty mechanically savvy but am new to bike so im lacking the information on things like getting things done, ie chain, valves and the likes.
    Can anyone recommend anything that should be done or ways to test things to see if areas need attention?


  2. if the bike hasnt been ridden for a long time say over 8mths. Drain out the fuel from the tank and carb bowls and replace with fresh fuel. At the minimum I personally would put a bottle of carb/fuel injection cleaner in the next tank of fuel.

    If this doesnt improve the throttle response you may have to look at getting the carbs cleaned and sychronised.

    Just my 2 cents and congrats on the new bike
  3. Yea ditto.

    1. Inspect / Clean / Replace air filter as required.
    2. While you're there, check airbox connection to carbs and carbs to manifold for leaks.
    3. Balance carbs, drain old fuel in float bowl.
    4. Adjust / lube throttle cables as required.
    5. Adjust chain freeplay (if required)
    6. If it's due, do a valve clearance check.

    From memory, there's a CBR250RR forum, with quite a large Aust. member base. Should be still around, should come up tops on Google.
  4. Even if the oil seems new, you don't know how old it could be if it hasn't been ridden alot in the last year. Whenever you buy a new vehicle you should factor in the cost of a full service (Do it yourself! Get to know the damn thing!)

    With the throttle response, injector cleaner, drain fuel etc as others have said.

    Keep in mind these are an i4 250, you don't really have throttle response till the tacho is sitting on the horizon, or 8k. Peak power is about 12k rpm and you can feel a drop off at 16k rpm.

    So it could just be that you're expecting more power before the engine can deliver, I know I did when I first got mine.

    Give yourself about an hour for the first spark plug change too, your tool room is very limited.

    Also, www.cbr250.com/cbr250/forum/default.asp
  5. Ok sounds like i've got a few things to keep me busy this weekend!
    I found the CBR forums and have been digging around there for as many how too's as I can find. It all seems pretty straight forward, the only thing im hesitant on is doing the needles and jets on the carbies.

    Yeah what i mean with "response" is that if when the bike has been running for few minutes and i hit WOT it stalls out but if i squeeze the throttle on its pretty good. Im thinking its running way rich. I did the rev test thing where you blip the throttle and see where the needle goes before returning to idle speed but it seems to fall straight back to about 1000rpm.

    I'll do everything suggested even if its not required i'll get to know the bike better, plus im a mechanical nerd and enjoy this stuff! Had all the fairings off it the first day I got her home so I could take the luggage rack off, even that was fun!!\\:D/
  6. Hey

    If your a mechanical nerd as you say and you don't know the bike I'd take it in and get it serviced ...$200 should see you right and peace of mind .

  7. If you are unsure about anything just go to your local bike mechanic and ask him some questions about it, his advice is Free so use it.