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New Bike feels like loosing traction

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aussieak, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. So not sure if this is a get use to feeling or need to check something on my settings with tyres or suspension.

    Bike: Ninja 650 RL new (under 200km)

    When I am riding along and cruising on some road services I feeling the bike is moving left and right but only tiny amounts it’s like the rear tyre is tracking the angle of the road left to right

    I am not accelerating or braking it's just at cruising speed 40-80K mark I am not on the crown of the lane either which was what I thought it might be. Any tips.
  2. Hmm. Check tyre pressures against the manual?
  3. Set tyre pressure (Cold) to 38psi Rear and 34psi Front. Test it again and get back to us.

    Also check that you are relaxed while riding. Nerves on a new bike can cause your arms to striffen up which can also cause these types of sensations.
  4. Sounds like your tyres are not scrubbed in.

    Do a search, you'll find plenty of 'how to's' but basically you need to 'wear off' the slick lining/seal on the tyres when delivered new.
  5. check your suspension. the manual tells you how to set it to your weight. also if its like the er6 the tyre pressures are 36 rear, 32 front. might just be new tyres. dunlops of some sort?
    edit. but maybe ring the dealer. something might be loose.
  6. Well I check the tyres and there correct to the manual. agian its only doing it on certin surface of roads not all the time. The movemnt is very small like less then 1cm either way. I was recommended not to adjust the suspension till the bike settles down a bit. as well and I am not sure I want to start clicking it up or down since I dont know what to feel for.
  7. Going straight? On rough surfaces? It will skip around over bumps, but being stiff can aggravate this. You're fighting the bike. Try holding the handlebars very loosely. It only takes tiny inputs to get the bike to go where you want to go.
  8. yep in a straight line skiping is about the correct term for it but ever so tiny like I am 99% sure I am not lifting the wheel and its not over bumps just on uneven surface in the wheel track of the lane.
  9. You don't have to move it to check. The manual says where it should be for your weight.


    The springs on mine (2007) were very stiff, so it might be them sorting themselves out. I have a vague memory of something similar happening when the bike was new.
  10. First guess would be brand new tyres but even then it's a bit unusual. Shouldn't even have to mention this, but there's no play in the wheel bearings or swing-arm bushes is there?
  11. aussieak, seeing your tyres sat morn, you DO need to scrub them in, most of your rinding is straigh and upright at the moment, sides hardlay touched. when scrubbed in ride down the same roads and see how it feels..
  12. actully the manual does not it its 7 settings with out of factory on position 4. the higher the stronger. but it does not suggest which way to turn me being 95kg. It also says that that position 4 is for 68kg that would mean I would have to max it out too 7
  13. I might need you to scrub them in for me. I am still not leaning the bike that much yet. :(
  14. you know what will help ? any indistrial estates close by that are quiet on the weekends? do slow long figure 8's , it will help you to turn, lean a little, look and scrub the tyres in a little, I dont know what the stuff is thats in the compund that comes out giving the 'slippery' feel, but the tyres normally need to be warmed up and do some 'twistie' work, you dont need to fly but get to lean a little and the rubber starts to wear in and draw that shite out..
  15. Yep I need that for sure still trying to find one near me
  16. That sounds right, I don't remember seeing anything like that in the manual for my ER-6 either. At 95kg though, the 4th stiffest setting would be about right for you. Rear preload is all that can be adusted and is not going to be the cause of your problem though so don't worry about it.

    If your tyre pressures are ok then the problem is more than probably the rider. You are probably just too stiff in the arms and holding the bars too tight. Try to relax and give it some time. It should disappear as you get used to riding and get used to your bike. Remembering to grip the bike with your knees will help this process.

    Before you take the above advive though, make sure you check that the nut on the rear axle is tight. :)
  17. With regard to tyres being slippery due to mould release agents, don't worry about it. Even if you had such a substance on the tyres, you have traveled more than enough distance to remove it from the patch of tyre that you are using. Don't worry about that aspect.

    This thread provides an interesting read on the topic.

    The advice from Goddie to find a place to practice figure 8's etc is very good though. It will help yu become comfortable with the bike which will encourage you to relax and loosen your grip a bit. :)
  18. Is it a bit windy by any chance? Surface a trifle uneven?

    It could be a lot of things, but I think it's just new tyres. They do feel a bit weird until they're scrubbed in.

    Real boats rock a little. A boat that doesn't, isn't afloat. Same with bikes - they do move around a little bit.
  19. Relax. I tend to think that it is just your tyres gripping on the imperfections of the road surface..

  20. I think this is probably it.
    Bikes will move about with the road surface.
    it's part of why they're more engaging to ride than a car.
    Stay relaxed and let it dance about as it needs to