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New bike, ex-police BMW R 1100 RT!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CamHornet, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Well, I like the Hornet but feel like I've hit middle age.

    I bought myself an ex-police BMW R 1100 RT. Yay!

    Here's the obligatory pics before someone has a heart-attack:



    And because I'm a geek and a Macross fan, I've had a fiddle with Corel Paint to see what it would look like in the Roy Fokker VF-1S colours...

    Yes, I've seriously thought about it, but it's unlikely to happen.

    I know that I would be ridden off the road by other BMW riders.


    First impression? It's bloody heavy! Lucky it has those roll bars on the side because I'm sure I'll drop it on the driveway. On the road, however, it seems quite easy to turn and maneuver, but is so heavy and tall that I have a problem reversing.

    It dwarfs the Hornet in the garage, plus it's an imposing sight on the road. I can swear that most people do a double-take and NOT pull out on me because they think it may be a police bike.

    Panniers are awesome useful, as is the top box. The only issue there is that because it's a police solo bike, I would have to source a dual seat (and arrange the fittings) if I wanted to two-up. Luckily my other half is sitting her "P's" this Saturday. If you're doing the same test on Saturday afternoon at St Agnes, wish her luck.
  2. Nice Looking bike. Enjoy. I wouldn't mind one of those. :grin:

    And good luck to the other half for Saturday.
  3. From what I have been told by a number of owners, enjoy the respect you are given (rightly or wrongly).

    Enhance the effect. Get a white helmet. I've had a few people do a double take with my black gear and white helmet on the K, I can only imagine what would happen on that!

    I think it needs a nickname.

    Moses would do! :LOL:
  4. Cool bike man, the other day I saw one of these on that 'gumtree' site and the guy dropped it a few days before he took the photos for the ad :grin:

    Well the bike looks good mate, Nice :grin:

  5. Pisser. :LOL:
  6. Why not add some colour. I was thinking something along the lines of blue and white checks.

    If your going for the dual seat option I hope your credit card and/or cheque book is in good condition. I understand the conversion is not exactly cheap.
  7. A little bit of blue chequer wouldn't go astray... and maybe even the insurance could give you some off - "Safety features?" - "It looks like a cop bike..."
  8. Honestly, go the faux cop decals. As close as you can.
    Fit lights & horns on the chrome side bars.
    It's the best thing. Imagine where ever you go, wide-eyes in rearview mirrors!

    Oh yeah, you gotta 'ride like a copper': Bolt upright, not knee-out thankyou very much, but pass other cars close, point to people's cars, park in the middle of intersections.....
  9. big blue sticker on both sides


    and wear a white helmet
  10. But She caught the katy And left me a mule to ride.......mules are very uncomfortable to ride.

  11. I can't be the only person who, despite doing nothing wrong at the time, poops themself instinctually whenever they see a white full-dress tourer coming the other way. :LOL:

    Time to buy navy-blue pants, a white helmet and a black leather jacket. ;)
  12. Nice Beemer !

    Yes..... My bike is white full-dress tourer (not an ex-plodmobile) and my helmut is white. No doubt about it, there is a huge difference in the way cagers treat you.

    SMIDSY hardly ever happens now. :) Which doesn't say too much about cagers attitudes generally.

    Not sure I'd be brave enough for blue checkers. :p
  13. Hmmm.... I think that maybe the blue and white chequered pattern would be close enough to "impersonating a police officer" for the REAL police to notice!

    But "Moses" sounds like an appropriate name :LOL:

    Either that or "Moby Dick" - thar be the white whale.
  14. how did you pick up an ex police bike?
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  16. :LOL: I was just about to post that link too! Great minds etc.... ;)

  17. "Gutters run parallel."
  18. As the former owner of an ex-police K series - I can assure you that should you get a white helmet, you will constantly have wonderful experiences. The traffic will frequently part before you like the Red Sea parted for Moses.

    You will also scare the crap out of Taxi Drivers and other such bottom feeders. :LOL:
  19. go the whole way. stickers, blue light sticking off the back. if you impersonate a police officer well enough, they wont know your impersonating them.