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New Bike Error

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MK_HAPPY, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Ok, so I made a huge mistake, I purchased a brand new Honda NC700 Integra yesterday, however its not LAMS approved, max CC limit is 660 and this has 670 power to weight seem to be ok.

    Now, I what are my options, I am sure I cannot just return the bike to the dealership and exchange it. It was delivered today and as such has 0 KM on it at this point.

    Any recommendations? My P1 expire next Sept upon which I would qualify for full license as over 25 yrs of age.

    Biggest screw up I have ever done.
  2. Have you called the dealer??
    There's a chance they have some sort of cooling off period as with contracts, on certain conditions (e.g. same condition, no extra km put on). If you still spend the money with them on a diferent bike, plus a little extra for dicking around moving bikes they may very well help you out.
  3. ^^this, you should do that ASAP.
  4. You could always just put it to one side and spend $1,000 on a 2nd hand postie or something to get you through the next 12 months. You'll probably lose about that much with any sort of change over anyway.

    Of course this assumes there's no way of just getting your money back on what you've bought.
  5. Not yet, plan to in the morning, slightly ridiculous that I did this. Funny thing was the salesman said that its not LAMS approved and i didnt click. I asked if this was a problem but he suggested many people did this. Not sure of the risks here though, it doesnt appear to be to much of a problem for getting demerit points as its only a penalty notice, but whats the likely hood of me being stopped by cops provided I am still adhering to all other road rules and not acting like a tool on the bike.
  6. You may find you are not covered by Insurance which could end up costing you a lot more than a few fines and points.

    Contact the Consumer Affairs department in your State and get the info on cooling off periods. Then speak to the Dealer I am sure they can come to an arrangement but know your facts first.
  7. Called the dealer just waiting for a response on an arrangement they maybe able to come up with.

  8. The problem with this is your warranty will be ticking away, plus you will still need to pay rego & insurance.

    When you go to ride it, you might have trouble getting the dealer to fix any niggling issues so long after the purchase.
  9. This might be key to getting the dealership to do something as that's terrible advice. I'm sure many people do ride non-LAMS bikes during their restricted period, and most of them probably get away with it, but to knowingly sell a non-LAMS bike to someone with the intention that they're going to ride it illegally is pretty idiotic. Good luck.
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  10. I don't understand how this can happen, don't they take your license for the paperwork (and therefore know that you are on restrictions). I would pressure them on those grounds.

    Edit: Just saw the above suggesting that the salesperson might have known and ignored it. So maybe that is a better tactic, if they deny having said to ride it anyway and that they didn't know maybe use the "they did know from the license"
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  11. Cooling off period.
  12. I don't think it's illegal to OWN a vehicle outside your licence class. It's certainly not illegal to SELL someone a vehicle outside their licence class.

    However, given the salesman knew of the licence restriction he hasn't done himself or the dealership any favours.
  13. he probably got a commission :sneaky:
  14. If the bike was already delivered, does the cooling off period still apply?

    Coming to some arrangement with the dealer is probably the best and easiest option. Hope it works out.
  15. What do you do though when you tell someone something and they dont listen? I face this a lot at my work. In the end, its the customers money.
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  16. Many dealers do offer a 30 day exchange period if you are unhappy with the bike.

    Up to the dealer. Otherwise could be an expensive mistake.

    Personally I would not take the risk, based on the sort of things which police tend to check when they pull you over for routine inspections.
  17. No kidding, Aly. I can imagine how the conversation might have gone...

    Customer: "I just got my L's. Can I ride this?"
    Salesman: "Not legally, sir. It's not LAMS approved."
    Customer: "But it's pretty close, right? Does it really matter that much?"
    Salesman: "Technically, yes. If the cops pull you up, you'll get a fine and some demerits."
    Customer: "Oh, so not that bad then? Do other people do that?"
    Salesman: "Well, I wouldn't recommend it, but yes some people do. I have some LAMS bikes over here though if you'd like to take a look..."
    Customer: "Nah mate, they all look a bit crap. She'll be right! LAMS bikes are for pussies."
    Salesman: "If you're absolutely sure, sir. There are no refunds if you change your mind."
    Customer: "Sign me up or I'll just go somewhere else!"
    Salesman: "Well, if you insist. It's your money."

    Not saying that IS what happened, but it's pretty easy to imagine. The customer is always right, after all.
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  18. Stop blaming the sales person, it's not up to him to decided whether or not a person should or shouldn't buy or ride the bike.
    The purchaser generally knows what they are looking for, if the sales person lured you to buy something then it is an issue.
    There is generally a three business day cooling off period from the time a contract is signed. Considering the bike has been delivered, I'm guessing this has passed. I don't consider the shop to be responsible for the stuff up nor should they be made to correct the problem.

    For fcuks sake, when will people take responsibility for their own stuff ups!
    There is a general saying in sales, 'buyers are liars'.
  19. There is a bike shop up here that will not deliver ( as in have the person pick up the bike on the day ) if they are not properly licensed.
  20. Exactly. Buyer beware and all that. It still doesn't do the dealerships reputation much good when you get a customer whinging that they were sold the wrong bike. Yes it happens.