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New Bike, didnt even really want one of these. . .

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by C_west, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Its funny, sometimes you have something set in your mind and you plan out how much your going to spend, what type of bikes you want, hell I even downloaded the service manuals of some bikes that I was looking at. My choice had been narrowed down to a few bikes that seemed like a good deal. The bike I ended up with wasnt on this list.

    I had planned to go ahead with either a ZX9, ZX7, CBR900RR or maybe a GSXR750.

    All it took was one test ride of a different style of bike to almost instantly convert me, much more usable power around town, encourages hooliganism (is that even a word?), styling that I think you either love or hate, I love it. So because it was at a decent price, I was finding myself just trying to talk myself out of it. Ended up buying it about 10 seconds before another buyer was about to take it for a test ride after saying that all he had to was organise finance. . . Lucky.

    Without further ado, pics:



  2. TL1000R! Great work! BTW, hooliganism if definitely a word.:wink:

    The TL is on my very long short list, how does it compare to the other bikes you tried?

    May I ask how much?

    Looks like a very clean bike, good work.

  3. Nice. I could park a TLR in my garage.
    Treat it with the respect it deserves.

    Didn't these have a dodgy rear shock at one stage?
  4. Nothing like the sound of a v-twin superbike. :twisted:

    This was on my list of upgrades along with the SP1/2. I jizz just thinking about that twin exhaust note :cool:
  5. Congrats on the bike looks very clean.

    Dunno why suzuki discontinued that line and same with honda's sp1/sp2. They look and sound awesome.
  6. This is definitely on my 'next step up' list... as is an SP2, but doubt I'll find the money. I love the idea of a full-on V-Twin, and that sound whenever one goes past!

    This one looks like a good get - it's that era of bitsy Suzuki colour schemes (black, white, AND two shades of blue???) which I'm not mad about, but it's better than one I've seen which is solid yellow!

    Apparently head shakes are something to watch out for, and an upgraded steering damper is worth the money.

    Hope you treat each other well and have an absolute ball!
  7. Is it just me or does anybody here LOVE the ol` SRAD's. Something about them, they are mystical! :grin:
  8. wow, that rear cowl is somthin' else :cool: nice bike
  9. Yeah, totally hot bike: congrats on the purchase. Cool to have something a bit unusual as well.

    I'm sure you know already, but yeah, the two issues of (1) a really good steering damper - because these are known for lethal tank-slappers, though who knows if that was due to poor adjustment/riding - and (2) making sure the legendary rotary rear shock is in good nick seem to be the main ones to look out for... on your way to 'wa-haey!!!'
  10. Congrats !!!
  11. Another convert to the v-twin fold. It would be a good idea to get the shock serviced, although if you ride hard it woudl be worthwhile to look at conventional shock replacements as the rotary shock doesn't dissipate heat terribly well.
  12. Nice work dude, V-Twins are the shiznit!!!
  13. Yeah, very nice, I love 'em (had a 2004 SV1000S for a while)

    As said previous, I wish Suzuki/Honda had continued with the full sports V-twins.

    I always lusted after a TL1000R when they were first released.
  14. Spankingly nice bike mate, it looks the goods and then some!! Love the Yoshi pipes as well! :grin:

    As a few people have mentioned, you will need to get a steering dampner because this model is known for a bit of a head-shake when pushed hard. :wink:

    Nah mate, that was the semi-faired TL1000S model (aka the Widow-Maker). They had a completely different rear shock, and this problem only happened with extreme loading (ie pillion and cornering hard). I know of someone who had it happen to them. :shock:
  15. Awesome bike. I would love one myself. If only the budget would stretch that far.

    And Gonzi, I totally get what you mean by there being something about the old SRADs, I love em. I want to get a 98 or similar SRAD for a 2nd bike.
  16. lol the widowmaker! what a name
  17. i have one myself that i have been working on... they are the best bikes..

    here are a couple of pics

  18. cheers for the replies guys. I did read up about that rear shock before I bought it, apparently they moved the location rotary damper from 98 onwards so it could dissipate heat slightly better.

    It already comes standard with a steering damper which should keep that shake under control, mind you I am not the quickest rider (yet, im still pretty young at 20) so I dont think Ill have to worry about slappers for a while.

    It really is quite amazing how tame and easy to ride this bike can be, when you keep the revs down and the right wrist under control, its just a big pussy cat haha.

    Oh and cheky, thats a nice looking bike there, looks like a fair bit of work has gone into it :cool:
  19. Very nice, congrats.

    I was looking at a widow maker (tls) a week or two before I got the 929. I've never ridden a TL but something tells me I need to own one before they get too old. Properly manly bikes. I prefer the S as I had an sv650s and dig the styling, even though the rotary shock didn't work out too well. There are aftermarket replacements.. a brand that starts with b if I remember properly. If the story is the same between the TLR/S the steering damper was introduced after a few journalists axed themselves riding them and whilst its always in debate, many consider the damper was largely to convince the public that the apparent 'problem' had been resolved.