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new bike - Deusâ„¢ W650 TW hillclimber

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sydneycraig, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. currently riding a 1964 vespa vbb and now looking at something less death trap like!!

    i dont know much about bikes yet but really like the look of Deusâ„¢ W650 TW hillclimber on the deus et machin site - the "look" is important to me but i also want a technically good bike of course.

    was looking at approx 10-15k but flexible

    so after some advice on the deus bikes and suggestions of anything else i should be lookin at. wol g 2nd hand t get a"beter" bike.

    ps - got 5month left on P plates (not sure of limits here?!)

    thaks for any advice

  2. Deus bikes are very expensive for what they are, if you're handily inclined you build something very similar.

    Don't get me wrong, they are great & a lot of work obviously goes into them, which you pay for. From what I understand also, most of the work is cosmetic, I don't know if they overhaul the engines...

    If you're ok with that, then go for it!

    The SR500 Grievous Angel is a personal favourite of mine, but at around 20K I could get a lot more bike for the money, like a new Ducati Sport Classic, or two secondhand late model sports bikes! :grin:
  3. Providing you never need a new engine the W650 sounds like a great bike. Just quite rare in Aus (hence the bit about the engine, and you'll have to wait for bits from Japan if you need them). A W650 will set you back $10,000 anywhere if you're looking for the sort of quality grey import Deus is selling (I'm assuming they're still grey? - i.e. imported used from Japan - I could be wrong because the ones I saw there recently looked new).

    Another bike to consider in the dirt-tracker style is the Harley Davidson XR1200 (emulating the legendary XR750), $17,000 new, and a version of it from a few years ago is around used (and so cheaper) - Spot On in Melbourne had one when I was in there recently. Personally I'd go the Harley, much more presence and fun torque, and low cruising rpm on the highway as opposed to the W650, and parts galore available, and bullet-proof. Another is teh Triumph Scrambler, with a few mods. These would mean waiting for your Ps to be up, but especially in the Harley's case it would be a bike for life if you wanted it so. But this is all a matter of personal taste, especially if you've already checked them out; the W650 would be on my one-handed finger count of modern bikes to own, and it sounds like its power is quite nice and appropriate for the real world.

  4. just started to look now to actually buy but have been to the deus shop a few times before just to gawk...!!! just trying to get the pros and cons before i plung in.....

    overseas ATM but will go in and get all the info when im back....

    advice provides so far appreciated and any to come


  5. If you've got 5 months left on your restricted license, ALL of the bikes you're looking at, and all the bikes suggested here, will be sitting in the shed for 5 months....
  6. The W650 is a LAM's bike.
  7. I bet the highly modified DEUS bike isn't.......
  8. think i have decided on the tw200 - pretty much the monster children bike on the deus website. will mainly be using it short distance city riding so no need for the bigger engine i figured?!

    just need to decide on what mods i want really....

    anyone have a deus or a modded tw200??

    seen some really cool home project mods but im not exactly good with that sort of thing!!
  9. Here's my old bike;


    Cool little thing, built it up in their style using some parts from them and elsewhere. Took absolutely zero effort - everything was plug and play. The bike was great fun in traffic and around town, but crap to tour on.

    There's a bloke here that built up a TW a while ago and did a pretty wild job. Pil, I think his name is. Nice bloke and has a cool TW. Might be worthwhile contacting him.

    I think the W650 is a better long term proposition.
  10. the 650 is also about5k more i think - because it takes more modification to get "the look" - think thats right!!

    i have only been riding a year and on a 150 1964 vespa so nor exactly used to performance and power! imaging the 200 would be a good next step?!
  11. Nah, I think a four stroke 200 might be a little softer than a two stroke scoot.

    I think you'd be fine with the 650 mate. Power delivery on those things would be completely linear with no surprises at all. Once you get used to the heft of the thing you'd be fine.

    There was a bloody nice one with low k's on bikepoint for 9k last week. Would have been a great buy...
  12. Dude I saw one of these here in Toronto for the first time today! They sound frikkin awesome :grin: The rear tyre looked pretty amazing :shock:
  13. Not according to the list of LAMS-approved bikes on rta's website, where it is notable for its absence. You'd *think* it should be OK for learners, but apparently not.
  14. i think bikes can be LAM if not on the list as long as they conform to the requirements of CC and power ratio??!! correct??
  15. nope. if they haven't been tested and put on the official RTA list, they're not.
  16. Yeah, this is doing my head in.

    I swear the old 1990's XJ600 seca used to be on the LAMs list (it's mentioned in a feature on recommended learners bikes, in this months motorcycle trader), I was considering it back in the day, on my learners, I'm sure it was on the list, but I look now and it's not.
  17. the guys at deus said the mosnter children bike is LAM, so ill take their word for it
  18. test rode today and going for a stage 2 tw200....

    blacked out except the frame in chrome
  19. TW200 is indeed LAMS approved, since it is not specifically forbidden. If anyone is wondering, that RTA's list works in two opposite ways depending on engine sizes. In the under 260cc category, a bike is assumed to be OK unless it is specifically listed as not approved. For over-260s, it's the opposite: a bike is assumed to be not approved, unless it is listed.

    That's why although neither TW200 or W650 actually appear on that list, one of them is OK and the other one is not.
  20. so all good now - just a matter of waiting for the modifications to happen.......want it yesterday!!!