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New Bike :D

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mdelpopolo, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Hi, i got my learners rider license around 3 months ago and have since then saved up enough money to purchase a second hand bike, and i was just wondering what experienced motorcyclists think a good first bike is, some people have mentioned the aprilla 125 rs and cbr 250 rr nd i wa wondering if their were any others?

    Thank you :)

  2. How much money do you have?
  3. And what kind of riding are you going to be doing?
  4. yes it will be on the road and up to about 6 grand, sports or race
  5. I have NO idea... Going for my L's soon: but, according to the Sticky in the first Bike thread some info to add would be:

    1) Your dimensions: Your height and weight can be a factor when it comes to choosing a good learner Bike

    2) Price range, already covered...

    3) How/what use you'll be getting it for: Weekend rides, Daily Commute, Highway riding/Cruising

    It can also help to mention what State/Area your in as this may or may not affect things as well. Good luck and safe riding!
  6. Please remember to budget for safety/riding gear. The two bikes you mentioned are 2-stokes and require a greater level of maintenance than your average 4-strokes. In addition, you'll need to keep the engine dancing high up in the rev range to do anything.

    I don't know where you live but if the west of Sydney is anything to go by, if you buy a 250 rr and you don't have a ridiculously obnoxious loud pipe on her, you'll get laughed at! Apparently if it cannot be heard from the next suburb, it's too quiet.
  7. Dont get either of them, They will both be in the garage more than you would like.

    I would look at something a little new-er and not so "sports or race" for your L's

    6K should also be able to get you a brand new bike as well.

    Whats good about a new bike, if you pick the right one

    No fuel tap
    No Choke
    No Carbys
  8. Two strokes aren't that big of a deal maintenance wise
    - No cam chains
    - No cam chain tensioners
    - No valve adjustments
    - No bent valves
    - No cam chain exploding and nuking the engine
    - Cheap engine rebuilds
    - Lighter weight
  9. Which idiot suggested the aprilia RS125!!??

    Not the right bike for you, at all!

    The little cbr250RR, is a good little bike to learn on (make sure it's a good one!). Or the Honda vtr250 is a solid little bike if you want something more upright.
  10. what ever you buy, don't waste too much time looking, time in the saddle is more important that time on the internet reading about what people think about bike x or bike y.
  11. nsr150 . then a 250
  12. Maybe not the easiest to learn on but one of the more enjoyable :).............its all about getting addicted to the smell the sound and the riding. Its flickable like no other and redlining her everywhere is pure love :)..............

    Hey a learner on the RS might even keep the same bike for the duration of the L's and P's.......................rebuilds doesnt seem to be that much or difficult or expensive.

    The only thing I would be concerned about is the slow speed test/stuff, this little italian beauty loves being ridden hard................
  13. I don't question the bikes ability with an experienced rider, but it is a disaster of a bike to learn how to ride on.
  14. I don't mean to be a smartass Mal, but isn't your RS125 currently in your yard requiring a full rebuild after owning it for a few months? :bolt:

    My first bike was an NSR150 and that was unreliable as f*ck, I'd get it tuned up and it would be fantastic for about 1 week then it slowly turns back into a dog. I'd buy 3 spark plugs at at time because they foul all the time. If you ride it sensibly (like you'd expect a learner to) then you just foul plugs constantly.

    Trent's 125 runs horribly too, I've never seen it run right in the time I've known him.

    I wouldn't recommend a 2 stroke to a learner, unless they're a mechanic and like learning the hard way.

    They are fun, but they are more of an enthusiasts bike, they just make learning a pain in the ass.
  15. The CBR is a four stroke.
  16. Need to be more awake when posting!