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New bike costs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by heinrich, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. hi there everyone,

    im thinking about purchasing a new bike and have a few questions before i go any further with it so i dont get stung :grin: maybe theres a few people out there that have bought new bikes and know whats going on!

    1) if the salesmen says $14000.- rideaway is there any other hiddens costs i should look out for that they'll try to spring on me?

    2) also is there any rta fees id have to pay after the purchase or is that all the onroad costs the dealers charge before they say rideaway? (maybe someone could list of what should be included in a proper rideaway price?)

    3)also could anyone point out if im missing something that i have to factor in on the cost side of things, as i want to make sure i can afford the bike and not get a surprise when i realise i havent factored something in:

    Once i have purchased bike ..........

    - weekly loan repayments including interest
    - comprehensive insurance- yearly
    - ctp insurance - yearly
    - on going running costs
    ...... is that all?

    thanks in advance

  2. Welcome to the forums Alex.

    + insurance, comp ~$600-$1500 depending on who you go with, tp ~$90
    + gear, ~$2k
    + fines, ~1k/yr quota

    This should be included in the rego.

    Fines...fines...more fines?

    If/when you drop bike.
  3. 1) Not in my experience. I've bought 2 bikes new and both times the ride away price was indeed correct.

    2) The RTA fees are included in the ORC.

    3) The only thing you haven't factored for as part of your essentials, as far as I can see, is protective clothing.
  4. I'd probably be asking the dealer about hidden costs, and reading the contract VERY CAREFULLY :)
  5. also maintenance costs - tyres - services etc
  6. thanks for the info guys. ive already got leathers and all the protective gear from a previous ride

    thanks again

  7. My ride away price was what I paid the dealer....extra was insurance (as you would expect).
  8. Rideaway is the cost of the bike and the stamp duty/fees to the government and co. I negotiated with a finance broker and got a package that included the repayment of the loan as well as comprehensive insurance. All up, about $70 a week. Ongoing cost will be outta my pocket :( Dunno about ctp insurance though, that's from NSW yeah?
  9. if the salesmen says 14k ride away, then thats what it is. but if he is saying 14k ride away, id be saying 12,500 ride away, if they say no, thank them for their time and start leaving, they will call you back and work out a better price
  10. The hidden costs on new bikes are extra shiny and loud bits you decide you cannot live without and are just so convenient to get put on the bike by the dealer before you ride away!
  11. I recently bought a brand new bike.

    You need to factor in extras, such as fender eliminator, seat cowl and crash knobs (if you want them).

    Then, you need to account for 1st service, which will be required when the bike has done 1000kms (usually).

    If you are getting the bike under finance, you may be required to pay a full year's worth of comprehensive insurance upfront.