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New bike checklist

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by slygrog, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Hi team,

    Thanks for indulging my stupid questions over the last week or so. I just scored my Kawa GPz 550 on eBay and will be organising its inspection (to confirm it is as described) and simultaneous pick up (if it is) with Sydney Motorbike Network (http://www.sydneymotorbikes.net/) who've been lovely to deal with so far.

    I wanted to check that I had everything properly understood about this purchase business because I've never bought a vehicle of any sort before, let alone second hand.

    My understanding is I need the guy to fill out a receipt and part of a rego form so I can transfer ownership. The bike still has 9 months rego on it.

    Is there anything else?

    How to do long distance, I wonder.
  2. ...The more I think about this the harder it seems to do without driving to goddam Hunter Valley and doing it in person.
  3. It's only the Hunter - nice ride home...
    Do it.
  4. Newbie on an unknown quantity of a 28 year old bike that'll be bigger, heavier and more cumbersome than anything she's ever likely to have ridden before? I'm no nanna, but that doesn't strike me as being the best idea in the world.

    The ol' GPz might be considered a bit tame nowadays but it's still quite as capable of scaring the crap out of the inexperienced or unwary (or worse) as it ever was. Maybe more so as brakes and handling have advanced so far in the interim.
  5. Not suggesting the OP find it's top speed on the run down the Putty, and it goes without saying that a few sedate laps of the block before heading off would be a good idea.
    Gotta ride the damn thing sometime...
  6. I'm a nana. Also, an unlicensed nana. I bought the GPz a few weeks early because I knew it would be gone by the time I do my pre-learner course (9 July).

    Is there an example of the RTA's required receipt somewhere?
  7. True, but into Sydney traffic with no choice in the matter may not be the best initiation.
  8. OK so now I'm seeing where you're coming from...
    And I was about to offer to ride in convoy too, except I notice the OP isn't quite licensed yet.
    Fair call Pat.
  9. If you are going to ride then get up there about 10am.
    It takes about an hour or more to go over the book work and bike.

    Make sure the roadworthy is recent and has the same VIN and engine # as the rego papers and the bike itself. The VIN is on the steering head. Get them to show you where the engine # is on the bike. They can be all over the place and usually not in an easy place to look.
    Then make sure that these numbers check with the sales contract and the Rev's check. Rego alone is not proof of ownership or encumbered.

    Then do a good check over the bike. Tyre pressure, lights, chain, coolant and oil so forth.

    Then have fun mate.
  10. The mechanic is inspecting and transporting my bike up from the Hunter Valley today. I've just bought a disc lock and motorbike cover on my lunch break. Getting very excited, even though I can only touch it a bit!
  11. ahh soon enough! :D
  12. Don't worry; you may only be able to touch the bike a bit, but it will touch you in many more places and ways than you thought possible.

    And no, it's not a pervert.
  13. We all start out thinking "we'll only touch it a bit", but we just can't help outselves, it's human nature, we're soon riding it even though we know we shouldn't. Oh sure it's fun and exciting and scary, but even if you're wearing the appropriate protection it's still possible to get into trouble. One minute you're down and dirty and hugging the curves, the next minute you're wondering how you ended up in this situation.

    Seriously, grats, enjoy :)